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Google Pays Least Tax, Supporting Greater Employment in the

by personalloansuk

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Quick Quid Loans – Growing Concern Among the UK Citizens

People have mixed emotions when the issue of the Google, paying less on taxes in the UK surfaced again this year. Google has made a payment of £6m UK tax, which is very less when compared to other countries. Yes, Google has taken a total advantage on the prevailing tax laws in the UK; they have made a great fortune in this country and with a turnover of £395m, and tax payment of 6 million pounds to the exchequer in 2011. In this issue, Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman, claimed last year that the company was obliged to pay the legal minimum in UK tax, implicitly attacking lax British laws. That's fine, people will never ask about it. But somewhere deep in heart, it does evoke a sight of discontentment. Taxes enable nations to rebuild by reinvesting into new businesses, and thereby creating employment to the locals. Already there is an unemployment problem going up, and people are not in position to get jobs and it is taking them to go for hard loans. Payday lending institutions allow their consumers to take quick quid loans for short term lending and people can take loans for bad history as well. These payday loan advances are featured quick quid for the nature of transaction it undergoes. However, analysts say that these loans that are meant for emergency usage have turned towards long-term. People are considering these payday loan advances, an easy option of making money the moment they are in want of funds. Better tax collection can allow governments to undertake some remedial measures for better economy of this low-profile class.

Payday Loan Advances – Government Must Search for Alternative Means Like Google

Google has tried to protect its interests by expanding the market base over the employment. The company has created an additional employment of 250 members in their engineering stream. The company has booked a profit of £51.4m for shareholders in form of awards to its employees after reporting a loss after tax of £24.1m and these figures are reflected on the documents filed at the company house. Last year, the company did face a severe criticism after when it declared its tax on revenue of £239m to be £935,000. Google has decided to improvise the employment rate in the UK; it has recruited about 1,300 people in the UK alone, in the London, and Manchester. In addition, it has funded in the campus in the London's East End, by offering free space to technology start-ups. George Osborne, the Chancellor said that the site provided is the best of its kind and would not be found anywhere in the world. A Google spokesman said: "We comply with all the tax rules in the UK. We make a big contribution to the UK economy by employing over a thousand people, helping hundreds of thousands of businesses to grow online and investing millions supporting new tech quick quid businesses in East London." Fine, that Google has undertaken the task of supporting employment issues in the UK, and it would be very happy news to the low income groups if government and consumer forums act fact in protecting their interests by keeping away the payday loan advances loan sharks. No doubt, quick quid loans are easily available, but they are hard to repayment if any delay in the repayment is done.


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