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Battersea is quite posh and the escorts are quite cheap

by jerryadan

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A district in the London Borough of Wandsworth, the area of Battersea can be be found in South London, south of the River Thames, just under three miles from Charing Cross. Most known for its derelict power station, we don’t want to spend too much time pondering this landmark, although it’s worth mentioning that it is now one of the biggest rehoming centres for dogs and cats across the country, as well as other strays that find themselves without companionship and love. This is how some of the men of the area feel (we are loving that subtle link, right there) and so look to find someone that will look after them (OK, we might have lost it now...) and can spend time with. This is exactly where the cheap Battersea escorts come in.

Whilst the area, certainly in most recent times, has remained notorious for its wealth, there are still places in the district that are not as fortunate. That’s why the Battersea escorts are accessible to everyone, never wanting to leave out those that may have been stopped before because of financial situations. In a time where some are struggling to get by, it seems appropriate that so many of the escorts in the city are affordable to everyone. That’s not to say they do it on a ‘pay back in six monthly installments’. Though the girls are so beautiful they can wrap any man around their little finger, they do so in the kindest way. And the men are willing to treat like them like the princesses they are because of the treats they might get in return. It’s a two way street, pal!

If you’re looking for your one and only, choosing to not spend time with all the battersea escorts, the chances are you will find one worthy of all your attention. Instead of spreading yourself too thinly, leaving you feeling half asleep when you’re with an escort at a lovely dinner, you can ensure your energy levels are kept up at all times. And we’ve picked out the perfect place for you. Opened in 1968, Jack’s Place is one of the few remaining historic restaurants in London. Many diners have commented on the timewarp effect that comes as a result of memorabilia collected over the forty plus years the eatery has been in business. Some of the more peculiar items are ‘the ties that Jack himself used to cut off his too-dressed up customers, insisting they relax and loosen their collars while they dine’. To us, this is the absolute perfect place, where pretentious attitude is very much looked down upon. Though we don’t know what their policy is with taking your shoes off, we think that would be a bit too comfortable.

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