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Is advertising really helpful for customers?

by anonymous

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In this blog, let us introspect on whether advertising is really helpful for customers or is it just a mere marketing tool used by advertisers to attract customers?

 An advertising campaign of a brand announces sales or discounts related with a particular product besides highlighting the various utilities of the product. This ensures that the advertiser wants the customers to avail of the information and benefit themselves of the discount or sale. 

An advertising campaign also introduces new features of various brands. Customers do not have any other means to avail of any brand related information. Hence advertising is again helpful to educate customers about the new added features of their favorite brands. Advertising also provides various educative values to customers. Summing up all these, it can be concluded that advertising is constructive and really helpful for customers.

Following are a few tools of advertising used by advertisers to promote their products among target groups.

Television Advertising

 In India, television advertising is the most popular means of brand promotion. A television advertising campaign provides good brand awareness among its target groups. Enhanced by sound and visual effects, a television commercial is fondly remembered by customers.

Radio Advertising

 After television ads, radio advertising is the second most popular means of brand communication. Radio advertising is comparatively cost friendlier as compared to other means of advertising. Therefor small brand or business owners mostly rely on radio ads to promote their products or services.

Print Advertising

A written form of brand information such as a pamphlet, leaflet, brochure, flyer, poster, classified etc. is categorized under print advertising. One of the oldest forms of promotion, print advertising is also the most reliable means of advertising. One can refer to a print ad in the future for any type of promotion campaign. The induction of digital technology has revolutionized print advertising media.

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