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What a Document Shredding Company Can Do for You

by rubybadcoe

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Picture this scenario. An office personnel shreds unnecessary documents, places them in recyclable plastics, and then throws them into the trash. This seems like a routine matter, at first. Sometime later, a man goes through the trash, finds the shredded documents, reports it to law enforcement, and the organization is called into question about it.

This scenario actually happened and was reported by the NBC Southern California in 2009 where a local investigator found close to 20,000 documents in an unsecured dumpster. And these 20,000 documents were valuable immigration documents and tax returns which should have been disposed properly. The organization was made to explain the circumstances of the situation.

This shows that importance of disposing sensitive documents especially when shredding is not enough. Whether doing business in San Diego where the incident happened, or in a city like Los Angeles where small businesses have started to set-up with the help of the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Business Policy, disposing documents is a serious matter. What can be a better solution?

One solution that can work is to get the services of a document shredding company. This company specializes not only in tearing up documents; it also ensures these are properly and completely destroyed with absolutely zero chances of retrieval. A better part is they inform you of what they have done with the documents so you’re made fully aware of the entire process and its results.

To free your company from any problems on document disposal, it is best you choose a reliable data management company for document shredding Los Angeles businesses get for document disposal. Aside from keeping you informed, it will secure a certification from a reputable non-profit organization like the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) about the propriety of the process. Only document shredding companies that have passed the strict accreditation process of the NAID are allowed to display a NAID logo.

Since it helps to have a document shredding Los Angeles company to help you in data management, make sure you know their corporate background, qualifications, and processes for shredding documents. A reputable company can patiently explain how their work benefits and protects you. More importantly, they can back up their claims with a tour of their facilities, a demonstration of the document shredding process, and a referral of past successes.

When you get a company to handle document shredding Los Angeles businessmen need for their operations, you can ably deal with proper data management. At the same time, it will save you the concern of securing important documents even after these have been shredded and disposed. Read more about document shredding companies at and

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