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The Parent Guidebook: Distinctive Game Concepts for Kids

by rosalindahone

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Kids dislike being bored to death. As natural bundles of excitement, children like being physically challenged and mentally stimulated. If left with nothing to do, they’ll slump into their rooms, or worse, they’ll turn to trouble.

Numerous parents find it rather tough to come up with interesting games for their kids. Parents deal with many grown-up problems, including mortgage, insurances, bills, and of course, work. With their hands full, it’s no surprise most of them don’t have the mental energy to think of entertaining activities for their children.

Fortunately, there are numerous scavenger hunt games you may utilize to stop your kids from falling into boredom. Scavenger hunting is a game where individuals seek to locate all of the objects or accomplish all of the activities on a certain list; the first individual or team to gather all items or to finish all the activities is proclaimed winner. Below are some time-tested games you can use to stir up the fun in your youngsters:

Treasure Maps

Treasure maps are every kid’s formula for a dream adventure as they get to play Peter Pan and Captain Hook-at least for a couple of hours. Clues of this kind are best suited for those who have a large house with various nooks and crannies which you could hide the prize. Otherwise, you may alter the game into a neighborhood or park quest. To create a treasure map, draw the hunting terrain and indicate a big X over the site of the final treasure; you could make it trickier by dividing the map into several sections that can each be seen during the hunt.

Word Search

If you are having a tough time creating a game, scavenger hunt ideas like integrating word searches in the hunt will surely come in handy. Making these word clues is really easy: just get a paper, write down the word clue, and subsequently surround it with some other words that have no letters matching the ones in your clue. To make it more challenging, spell the words diagonally, upward, or backward.

Secret Codes

Scavenger hunt ideas that employ secret codes as clues could be relatively tougher, so they’re normally suitable for children aged ten and above. With secret codes, you may use Egyptian hieroglyphics or Morse code. A telephone number pad or numbered computer keyboard could also serve as your database of hints.

Scavenger hunt riddles never go out of fashion in treasure hunting, so you can always use them on their own or as part of other pursuits. Just be sure the riddles aren't something only The Riddler can work out-keep them appropriate for the children’s ages. Read more about this subject at

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