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Roof Check: What You Need to Inspect After a Storm

by brendangertner

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You can’t do much to improve or fix your roof once a storm is on its way to your Surrey home. When that time comes, your roof may not provide the protection you need. The best thing to do is prepare. Long before a storm hits your place, you need to inspect and make sure that your entire roof structure can handle the onslaught of wind, rain or ice.

Still, even the strongest and well-built roof is no match for nature’s fury. So what should you do once the storm has passed? If any damage has occurred to the structure, you first need to secure the area to eliminate, if not minimize, the risk of injury to your family. As soon as it’s safe to examine the roof, do so immediately.

Before you climb your roof, establish your priorities first. Anything that’s causing leaks should be at the top of your priority list, and attend to them as soon as possible. Missing or cracked shingles that aren’t causing leaks can typically wait. You’ll also need to check the gutters and drains to see if they’re clogged.

Check if any of the flashings have loosened. Loose flashings can cause water to leak into the structure. If your roof has multiple levels, you need to pay particular attention to where your roof and walls intersect to make sure that joints were not dislodged.

Something else to add on your roof inspection checklist: have a professional roofer Surrey residents rely on to check your roof for any crunching sound when pressed. This is an indication that the roof has been lifted by the strong winds. If so, you need to perform a closer inspection. If your roof is held together by fasteners, they may have backed up and penetrated the roof membrane. This can be another source of leaks when the rains come.

There can be damages on your roof that are difficult to notice or identify. Thus, it’s always a wise move to bring in a professional in roofing Surrey residents call on, for a roof inspection. He can properly assess the damage and inform you of the best ways to repair them. He will also perform forensic testing to discover damages that aren’t apparent at first glance.

Despite these practical advices for roofing in Surrey, prevention is still the best remedy. Rainfall in Surrey lasts into early spring so the best time to perform roof inspection is early summer and late autumn. Learn more on roof damage evaluation from

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