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Tips on Buying a Used Car for Your College-bound Teen

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Anything can happen when you're driving on the road, and even the most cautious drivers could get into accidents if they encounter irresponsible motorists. Drivers who beat the red light threaten not only their safety but those of others as well. For this reason, red-light cameras in Mississauga capture vehicles that run a red light and order erring drivers to pay a fine of $325.


While traffic rules are no doubt followed to the book in Ontario, when you're a parent and you've got a teenager who's off to college, you can't help but obsess about road safety. If you've promised them a car as a graduation gift, you may find exactly what you need in the used car market. And when it comes to used cars, be sure to always check their safety features.


One essential safety feature is the electronic stability control or ESC. If your teen ever encounters a ruckus on the road that necessitates a quick and sudden turn, this feature helps ensure sufficient control of the car is maintained to avoid skidding or colliding with other vehicles. ESC saves thousands of lives each year; it just may save your child’s.


Blind spot monitors are also essential safety features for relatively inexperienced teen drivers. These monitors notify drivers about vehicles coming from positions that are not immediately obvious. With this feature, teen drivers can anticipate maneuvers and avoid potentially fatal collisions.


Teenagers will certainly love the wide selection of used cars Mississauga dealerships sell. Yet parents must also practice discernment when it comes to choosing the right car for their college-bound teens. For instance, while SUVs are excellent for long trips, you may want to opt for crossover vehicles that have better and safer handling and sell for much lower.


Sedans are also good choices when it comes to used cars in Burlington Ontario since their low builds can reduce the likelihood of rollover accidents. Most sedans are equipped with modern safety features like curtain air bags and ESC. Tire pressure monitors prompt drivers to check and ensure proper tire pressure, while adjustable upper front seatbelts can help your teen keep safe and comfortable while driving.


Coupes with extra cargo space are perfect for loading all the things your teen needs for college. Look for features like anti-lock brakes and traction control when looking up that improve driver safety during winter when checking out used cars in Burlington Ontario. To read more on this topic, go to

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