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Extreme Couponing – Is it Real?

by moliomarker

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Most of us might have seen viral videos of shoppers purchasing an entire cart of groceries that too for less than five dollars. We might also have viewed the new show on TLC casting these people. We might have thought how these people are able to purchase groceries at this lesser cost? The answer is simple; they used the system of extreme couponing. If a person wishes to get into this concept thereby saving a lot of money, he should be willing to store items for a rainy day. Under this method, he will not have to purchase shampoo when he is in need of one. Rather, he can stock it up in his home when the shampoo is on sale. Theoretically speaking, when a person purchases a pack of shampoo with a coupon, he can make some savings. In addition to the coupon, when a seller offers additional facility like ‘buy one get one free’, he can get additional bonanza.

Timing is everything when it comes to couponing and the purchasers will have to be patient and need to do some work in organizing the coupons. Companies make use of coupons as a form of advertisement and couponing involves searching the World Wide Web’s database of coupons and manufacturers sometimes offer coupons for their products in such a way that their customers can get the products at a discounted cost. Once the purchaser has found some coupons, he will have to organize them into folders labeled by savings type or product type and can store them in such a way that sorting is easier. Then, he can combine the coupons with coupons for the same items from the local store. He can collect the coupons until he finds matches and then can plan his shopping according to the collected coupons.

For helping people, who are new to the concept of extreme couponing, there are some websites offering tips in the form of couponing videos, books and some of these websites also offer the facility of coupon clipping in such a way that the purchaser using this service can easily organize the coupons without any difficult. In these websites, users can also view the experience of follow people making the best use of coupons for reducing the cost of their purchases and the experience of these people can be of great use in making the best use of coupons.

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