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Historical Romance Novels Tell Epic Tales of Love

by juliosporer

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Reading a book creates an infinite landscape of opportunities for learning and for fueling your creativity. It opens the mind to different viewpoints that broaden your knowledge and understanding of just what life has to give. People who have a legitimate interest in life frequently savour books, one of the most popular of which is the romance novel, as this pulls the reader’s heartstrings.

Out of all the genres in all of literature, why is romance one of the most sought after? Well, there is nothing more timeless than a story of love which has involved a number of generations with its topics of betrayal, compassion, sacrifice, and tragedy. Whatever plot a romance novel is rooted in, readers are constantly hooked to every tale since everyone understands the idea of love and how it can easily change lives. The following are some romance novels you can enjoy.

Valkyrie's Vengeance

This novel by Suzie Grant is a Viking tale about vengeance that describes love in a unique manner. This historical romance is set in 901 AD and is full of action-packed scenes from beginning to end. The plot is focused on unforeseen love forming between the unforgiving Tyra and her captive, Rorik, who wields the sword of the underworld. Readers will undoubtedly delight in every turn of the page, and also the extraordinary description of Norse culture.

Saving Grace

Yet another story you can take as one of best historical romance novels is Saving Grace by Catherine Gayle. It tells the story of Lady Grace Abernathy, a lady whose virtue has been compromised and who has been deemed unseemly for any gentleman. Lord Alexander Hardwicke comes upon Lady Grace Abernathy through his mother's matchmaking efforts, pushing him to take her as his wife. They are thrust into each other's arms against their wishes, but quickly realize that they are falling in love with the other. Society's ostracism of a disgraced lady takes a toll on their relationship, and only their hearts can tell if their love will conquer what society dictates.

Regency Christmas Summons

If you enjoy anthologies and are left wanting by a single book, you might find what you’re looking for in Regency Christmas Summons. This romance series focuses on four young ladies summoned home by their grandfather for Christmas. The grandfather assumes the role of matchmaker for his granddaughters, inciting chaos and a lot of romantic exploits with different men along the way. You can start enjoying romance series novels and similar pieces through an online purchase or download.

While only a handful can replace the feeling of flipping the pages of your favorite books, the best historical romance novels are also available for those who prefer digital novels. You can easily download an e-book for your Kindle, Nook, or any other e-reader. For more about romance novels, visit:


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