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How Mosaic Tiles Turn Bathrooms and Kitchens More Stylish

by alanageikie

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Mosaic tiles are fairly sought-after as finishing components for kitchens and bathrooms. That's because they immediately increase the aesthetic appeal of even the most ordinary interiors. Taking their cue from the stone, ceramic, and glass tiles found in superb architectural marvels from ages past, mosaic tiles are now installed on counters, floors, and walls to make interior spaces like bathrooms and kitchens more beautiful and less perilous.

Common mosaic tiles are normally manufactured as squares measuring one inch. Comparable to tiles found in Ancient Greek mosaics, these can be found in several colors and derived from glass, marble, ceramic, or limestone. A lot of designs feature the strong appeal of glass with quadrilateral stone tiles in mosaic form. Glass and stone mosaics are teensy, individual tiles consisting of glass and natural stone laid out in interchanging motives to produce a more striking look.

Mosaic tiles may also be made available in other forms. For instance, brick mosaic tiles are rectangular pieces set out like conventional bricks. Basketweave tiles, as indicated by their name, seem like actual basket constructions with a range of casts and are manufactured using long lasting products like granite, marble, and slate.

Man made components such as porcelain, glass, and ceramic can be used to manufacture mosaic tiles. Ceramic is highly regarded for its tidy finish and could also be made to appear like marble and natural stone. Porcelain, a tougher ceramic alternative, has a reduced porosity and better immunity to cracks. Glass tiles are also created to be long-lasting yet keep their gloss and exquisiteness; certain glass tiles are also created to take after ceramic, while specific types are either see-through or colored in.

A mosaic stone tile constructed from marble can come in white, cream, brown, or even black. Marble mosaic stone tiles are regarded highly for their looks, but many don't feel compelled to choose them since they get discolored rather easily. The good news is, light stains on marble mosaic tiles are not that hard to remove with regular cleaning. A few contractors advise that marble tiles are used to install as dados or dado rails to prevent staining.

Stone mosaic tiles may also be formed into hexagonal shapes rather than the standard quadrilateral ones. Consequently, homes could have honeycomb tile patterns that add a delightful and artful effect to exterior and interior spaces.

Like most mosaic tiles, a penny round mosaic tile is available in many colors and components. The difference is, they are circular rather than polygonal. Like hexagonal tiles, penny round mosaic tiles are also suitable for creating honeycomb themes that are simple yet beautiful. For additional details, log on to

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