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Austria is notorious for its array of gorgeous women

by adams446

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in 1947 which unbelievably makes him sixty-four years old now. You would never know to look at him that he is that age but maybe that is what decades of bodybuilding and sunshine does for a man. He is one of the most successful Austrians of the last century going from winning the Mr. Universe title to becoming the Governor of California. Amazing for someone who was born and raised in a very small Austrian village into a family that had little money. Who would have known back then that he would grow up to be a movie star and have his pick of all the gorgeous Austrian escorts he was surrounded by?

Before he bizarrely became interested in politics, Schwarzenegger was most famous for starring in huge Hollywood movies. Thanks to years of bodybuilding his physique was ginormous, making him perfect to play the parts of superhuman characters. He was no Laurence Olivier but he was still incredibly entertaining. Lines from most of his films which, had anyone else said them would not have got a reaction, were absolutely hilarious when Schwarzenegger said them. Lines such as “I’ll be back” and “hasta la vista baby” are repeated all over the world in his Austrian accent leaving people spluttering with laughter.

After being elected the Governor of California in a campaign that left many people baffled, Schwarzenegger seemed to have it all. We all saw him as a Hollywood movie star turned politician, with a beautiful wife and four children, living the dream. But the ‘dedicated family man’ he appeared to be on the outside was not quite true. Rather than spending secret time with an Austrian escort, he decided to hop into bed with one of the house staff. Not only that, he fathered a love-child with her and hid this from his wife and family for over a decade. It is hard to believe he managed to keep such a secret for so long but it just shows you that you can never know what goes on behind closed doors. Now, Maria Shriver is divorcing him, he has strained relationships with his children and has lost a lot of respect from people all over the world. He was the Austrian who had it all but it still wasn’t enough. At least he has escorts from Austria to comfort him now!


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