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Maltese Puppies For Sale

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We provide you with the best selection of Maltese puppies for sale than anyone around. Please read the client reviews and see how satisfied our customers have been who chose to buy their puppies from us.


The Maltese breed is one of the most beautiful breeds around with their small body and long silky hair. Their hair parts naturally down the center of their back and is white or light ivory in color. It will flow almost to the floor if allowed to grow. Many pet owners choose to do a puppy cut on the hair for ease of care. The long hair should be combed daily to prevent tangles and any debris that may get into it when they go outside to do their business or just playing and enjoy the outdoors. They shed little to no hair, which is quite helpful to the allergy sufferers too.


The Maltese puppies for sale are highly intelligent, playful and lively. They are loyal and trusting while being devoted to their owners. They are very good with other animals because of their loveable spirit. Some Maltese may be a little difficult to housebreak in the beginning, but with patience, you will succeed is training them. It is important to keep them on a proper diet of a good dog food; otherwise, if they are allowed to eat table scraps, they can become very fussy and refuse their own food.


Some Maltese may try to become the leader of the pack because they are overprotected or pampered to the point where they lose their understanding of where their place is in the pack. This will show up by snapping at children and even adults sometimes. Separation anxiety, obsessive barking and guarding are also some of the indications of pack order misunderstandings.


There are a few health problems to consider before deciding to buy a Maltese puppy. They can have problems with their teeth, although providing dry dog biscuits along with their regular food will help by keeping their teeth clean and healthy. They are prone to sunburn on their backs where their hair naturally parts, some eye issues and respiratory problems.


Since the Maltese breed is a very active dog, they need a daily walk, especially if you live in an apartment. They tend to be very active indoors and remain this way into advanced years. Their life expectancy is around 15-18 years.



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