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Panda Version 3.5 for the over optimization groups!

by Jimscampbell

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While checking out a few forums and blogs, we were able to find a lot of discussions about the latest panda update 3.5 as it was rolled out on April 25th. Even before the official announcements about this latest update, we had much confusion among bloggers and forum participants about the efficiency of this latest version and its pandalization on the websites that do not follow certain search engine etiquettes. This update is considered as the thwart targeting web spam in search results. Google announced that this fresh face of Panda will possibly affect about t 3.1% of search queries in English; 3% in German, Chinese and Arabic. This is a shocker treatment for websites that were working against Google’s quality guidelines.

Now it’s time to know what exactly is webspam, and what exactly is against Google’s uality guidelines. Anything relating to the following Black hat SEO practices is considers as Search Spam, against what this fresh update is released by Google.

  1. Keyword stuffing
  2. Link schemes
  3. Cloaking, “sneaky” redirects or “doorway” pages
  4. Purposeful duplicate content

Search engine optimization should be like a good coach to a website that requires some guidance for better performance. Many websites have the potential and substance to do well online but might miss out some important points that are required to make it get popularity and attention it deserves. Some websites take a wrong decision by choosing drug like black hat SEO to run faster in the race and later get penalized for its gaffe.

Google did do a lot of revamping to fight against these odds right from the beginning. A few of these are there on the web even before Google started to operate.  Over Optimization techniques leads to spamming and we can say that this new “Webspam Algorithm Update”- as the company has named it, is what that will work for better search results.

Google says that it encourages white hat SEO and webmasters who thrive to create quality websites that delivers good user experience and avoid any kind of webspamming tactics. We should say that this is another welcoming step towards healthier web search results and high quality websites. Looks like Google will be happy with no SEO at all or just with white hate SEO techniques and is all set to kick away websites that has duplicate contents with keywords stuffing and low quality links.

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