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Android and their various applications to explore

by matthewdroid023

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With the year on year growth rate of more than 25%android devices are activated each day and these numbers are testaments to the break neck speed of innovation that defines the android eco system. android market news states the fact of availability of the various applications in the market and they are helping the users in many ways.

Browser application helps you to interact and engage with the web through your android device in an intuitive way. Whereas in business it’s all in one feature allow users anywhere in the world to manage their resources for free.

According to android app news android market is not so much a store run by Google but a market made to bring together application developers and OS phone users. The Google android app news is giving the users access to apps, games, music and books and movies also it can be accessed about any web connected device including smart phones and tablets.

Android market news also reveals the celebration of a successful year of app store launch that reveals that the customers are purchasing more apps as they are becoming aware and it has been evidenced in the growth in the revenues since the launch. Android security feature gives your device a security feature with various apps attached to it such as spy ware, download Insecurity, phone hacking and many other options.

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