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Is any form of advertising as personal as mobile?

by anonymous

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Mobile advertising is the ability for businesses and individuals to advertise their product, campaign or service over mobile phone devices. This is done as a text message or applications (apps) - apps which are either pre-installed or downloaded by users. Receiving this kind of advertising on your mobile or mobile marketing as it is more commonly known is a fast-growing phenomenon in the world of advertising. Consider other types of traditonal advertising and contrast this with mobile marketing. Is any other form of advertising this personal?


In today's fast-paced world, people of all ages across all income brackets own a mobile phone or mobile device of some sort and generally carry the device around for most of the day, using it frequently both day and night. What could be more personal than to contact the user via his or her own mobile device?


Compare it to perhaps an advertising billboard which a person may or may not pass and may or may not read depending on their level of interest or time or circumstances. Contrast that with an advertising text message which would have been initiated in the first instance by the recipient, thus already demonstrating a level of interest in the subject matter. If the user does not have time to instantly read the message, they can store it and read it when convenient later in the day. The message would probably be customised to the user and would thus feel more personal than a general billboard trying to reach everyone in that area. If the level of interest was such that the user thought it may be of interest to a friend or colleague, what could be simpler than to forward it to that person. Double the level of advertising in an instant and still with the personal feel of a text from someone who knows you!


This type of marketing also enables the recipient or potential customer to interact directly with the advertisement. Perhaps the advertisement was offering the user a free-to-try sample if the user texts back a response. The consumer and the advertiser are then in direct, personal contact, exchanging messages just as friends and family do.


Advertisers say that an advertisement a mobile phone is most likely to get a response than any other form of advertising primarily because of its notion of being so personal. Mobile marketing is here to stay.



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