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Sun kissed beaches, transparent turquoise waters which lets the sight of attractive coral reefs and colorful fishes swimming vivaciously, islands – inhabited and virgin, yearlong sunshine, warm and hospitable people and excellent accommodation facilities – the assortments that make Maldives a prime tourism destination is charming to say the least.

The Maldives are an archipelago of one thousand one hundred and ninety two coral islands grouped into twenty six coral atolls situated in Indian Ocean. Of these only two hundred are inhabited and there are additional eighty islands with tourist resorts.

Maldives beaches are considered among the premier beach destinations of the world. The beaches of Maldives are ideal place for relaxing and unwinding, taking a break from the busy life of cities. The fantastic hotel facilities and outstanding service is well worth the name of best tropical beach destination of the world. The unparalleled combination of unique turquoise sea with warm shallow waters and beaches with powder white sand makes for heartwarming experience. To add to it, is the climate which makes for yearlong summer.

A visit to the inhabited island in Maldives is the best way to learn about the struggles and endurance of ordinary Maldivians. Some of the islands bear a modern look with brightly painted house walls and harbor areas. But there are quite fishing villages also. The hallmarks of them being tree-shade, swings and traditional wooden holhuashi. Holhuachi is a set up where villagers relax after a day of hectic work. They exchange news, tell stories, play cards and listen to local radio there.

Maldives tour operators will provide arrangements to go for night reef fishing trip. The opportunity to engage in night fishing is one of the major attractions of Maldives. The boat leaves before sunset and search for a good spot near a reef. After finding one you engage in fishing after being tutored by boat crew on how to use lines, hooks and sinkers. Old hands say that in an hour’s time you will catch enough. Then, to prepare the fish you can embark on a deserted island. Finding one will not be difficult as only a few of more than thousand islands are inhabited or utilized. While the food is being prepared, you can get to know the phantasmal ambience of a deserted island. You can feel the softness of sand untouched by human feet and listen to the sounds of nature. It will be slightly frightening to be there with stars alone for company. The visit to Virgin Islands in day time is also an enthralling experience. You can savor the raw vegetation, unspoilt beach and the gleaming sun rays on sea waters.

The single most attraction of Maldives tourism is underwater diving. The seas of Maldives are warm and it offers high visibility throughout the year. There is also attractive formation of over three thousand coral reefs. These conditions along with free flowing tides of the monsoons create one of the richest diving coral reef areas of the world. The good thing about Maldives is that you do not have to be a professional diver to dive. There are training available or you can dive under the guidance of experienced diving instructors. A dive in house reef is also remarkable. There many reefs that you will find a different spot each day without difficulty.

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