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WiMax: The story of extremely fast internet

by jameskevin69

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WiMax is a new invention in the world of wireless broadband technology. Its main purpose is to ensure that the broadband wireless radios exchange signals from vendor to vendor. Information is sent to and received from large transmitting devices which are operated by a WiMax service provider. Wimax has great potential for developing various types of services for new generation. Using the technology you can connect internet anywhere and browse any site and make possible online conference with mobile internet, multimedia application etc. A single station of WiMax has such a high capacity that it can provide coverage for hundred of users at a time and manage sending and receiving of data at very high speed with full of network security.


Wimax technology is very easy and elastic. It provides maximum reliability of network and authority to the end users accessing the network. Wimax is more beneficial in highly populated areas due to its high speed of connectivity over long distance and high speed voice. It pushes the existing mobile application technologies forward on steady stream. The success of this technology lies in the support that it gives to both wireless and wired network including cable operators. Wimax has many great advantages such as its ability to perform various services over a single station and that it requires less operating and capital expenditure. Another important advantage of WiMax service is that it has reached the remote as well as rural areas. WiMAX will also bring broadband Internet to people who previously had few or no broadband options. In rural areas, due to the high cost of installing the infrastructure of a broadband service it was difficult for people to get a connection, but with the help of telecom software companies WiMax will cover large areas with little infrastructure. Wimax services can access in the interior area due to higher capacity of the tower station. If you need a high speed communication you have WiMax access available. In WiMax all services are delivered over an IP architecture relying on IP-based protocols for end-to-end transport, Quality of Service, session management, security and mobility. The basic and most important feature of Wimax technology is to support mobility applications as VoIP. The battery life of handheld devices is extended using the WiMax technology power saving tools.


As we all know WiMAX is still in its early years but the way it is becoming popular is exceptional. It is as simple as buying an Internet plan and using it from any part in your city. WiMax is becoming increasingly popular because of the low investment required to set up a WiMax network compared to other available alternatives. WiMax is of great use to the people whose business depends largely on the internet. It is a technology where you don’t even need a computer to access the internet, just a phone in your hand can get you connected across the globe. It has made it possible to access the net through your mobile phones which is indeed a great advantage.


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