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A Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in NYC can Prevent Tooth loss by

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In a recent survey conducted in the city of a New York, 80% of the participants agreed that a healthy smile is an important part of the personality. Many New Yorkers have become proactive in their approach of maintaining a healthy mouth and good health. Cosmetic Dentistry NYC clinics are providing dental care services with personalized treatments for a healthier mouth. Decay of the teeth is one of the most commonly encountered tooth problems and requires the cosmetic dentistry treatment of root canal therapy.


The root canal therapy or endodontic therapy involves the pulp of the tooth that is treated to eliminate any infection and prevents any possible contamination in the future. Let us look at the various aspects of the root canal therapy,


  • 1 The root canal therapy is an invaluable cosmetic dentistry treatment that helps to prevent the loss of severely damaged teeth. The pulp tissue of the tooth contains a network of veins, nerves, blood vessels and other cellular components. An infection through bacteria may contaminate the pulp tissue that results in the degeneration of the teeth. Root canal therapy involves the removal of the infection and the root canal is sealed off in order to stop the infection.
  • 2 Tooth diseases that involve the nerves are easily fixed with the help of root canal therapy. This therapy is used when the nerves are infected and are dying due to infection or have already perished. In most cases, the infection can irritate the tissue that surrounds the root tissue.
  • 3 The therapy involves the cleaning process where the debris, bacteria, toxins and degenerated nerve tissue is flushed from the root canal. The next step is the filling that involves the filling of the empty nerve space that prevents any contaminates from seeping inside or outside the root canal space.
  • 4 Root canal therapy is relatively painless due to the sedation therapy that is administered by a cosmetic dentistry NYC specialist. It is important to ensure proper oral care after the root canal procedure as it can be infected and lack of fluoride may lead to severe decay of the teeth.
  • 5 Many root canals may have secondary offshoots that need to be treated and sealed. Most cosmetic dentist’s seal these off shoots with expertise that prevents any future breakouts.


Cosmetic Dentistry NYC clinic provides different treatments for healthier and stronger teeth. Visit for further details.


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