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Buying Pearl Jewelry Sets , the Most Thoughtful Gift

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Pearls are the most beautiful and exquisite gems that mother nature
has to offer. The characteristics of each pearl are so distinctive that
each individual pearl has the potential to create a piece of jewelry or
other accessory that is unlike any other creation in the world. There
are so many different types, colors, shapes, and sizes of pearls.
Freshwater pearls are among the most stunning pearls in the world.
These pearls are unlike any other pearls and make the best pearl jewelry
sets for any woman. The colors of freshwater pearls are distinct, and
you know when you are looking at one. These pearls come in stunning
colors of pink, lavender, white, and peach. One factor that makes these
pearls so different from other pearls is the way they are formed. During
the time of implantation, farmers usually insert a round glass or
ceramic bead into the oyster. The nacre of the shell will then grow over
this bead, turning it in to a magnificent pearl. However, freshwater
pearls are nucleated using a piece of meat from the oyster itself,
making the pearl the only one that is completely made of nacre, with no
beaded nucleus. Freshwater pearls come in many different sizes from
small little seed pearls to larger 10-12 millimeter sizes.

Though these are the common sizes, freshwater pearls do occasionally come in bigger sizes like 14 mm. Freshwater pearls
are the classic idea of what pearls look like. When you mention pearls,
thoughts automatically go to a strand of white freshwater pearls.
Royalty and high class groups have been wearing natural pearls for
thousands of years and around 100 years ago, a Japanese Scientist named
Miki Moto perfected the idea of culturing pearls and have been worn for
generations. Pearls are a great investment because they last a lifetime
and can be passed from family member to family member. Pearls also
require little upkeep; the oils from your skin naturally lubricate
pearls, keeping their luster strong each time you wear them. Freshwater
pearls sets are the most thoughtful gift that any woman could receive.
The splendor of pearls makes a woman feel glamorous each time she wears
them. At Aloha Pearls, we carry top quality freshwater pearls from all
over the world. Our freshwater pearl strands are perfectly put
together, strung on silk thread and matched seamlessly and our bracelets
match perfectly. The setting for our rings and earrings cannot be
beat, so to find the finest gift for the special someone in your life,
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