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You may know that the Package design used for a product is important in building a brand. What you may not realize is that there are many other important aspects to consider before you determine the right package design for your product. At Big Design, you will find dedicated workers who have a history in developing brands for some of the big names in retail. They are a highly experienced company with a lot of talent that allows them to provide their clients with the branding solutions they need. They specialize in marketing materials for retail sales and they will partner with your consumer product company to help you build and maintain your brand.


Go to and you will see a few of the companies that they have helped to develop a brand for with their package design. In addition, Big Design helped these clients develop a brand identity that effectively portrayed the image that was needed to represent these products. Package design is especially important when you are working on a brand in a highly competitive field. You need something that will rise above the others and make yours the top brand for the product niche. Big Design uses a process to determine the best way to package your product.


Package design is one of the last steps in developing a brand. One of the first is to know your market. If you look for the Graphic information at, you will find out just how important it is to know who you are trying to appeal to. Your customer and client customer know what they want to see when they look at the product package. More that 70% of all US shoppers claim to read the nutritional content labels on products before they purchase them. This is just one of the facts that you can consider in order to help you identify the needs of your clients and Big Design uses these facts to help analyze the core strengths of your products and communicating them to those clients.


About 90% of products that children request from parents are chosen because of their brand or their packaging. If your target client is children, then the package design you use for your products should be created to meet the needs of those who will be making the requests. That's why Big Design works with their clients to define their corporate brand and distinguish their target audiences so that they can implement a consistent image. They will make sure your brand integrates all of your marketing around a core idea and vision that will help you sell yourself and your product.


Not only does Big Design provide their clients with package design that is exciting and dynamic, but they also have proven that they have the talent to meet the challenge of providing solutions that work for innovative products. They won an Award of Design Excellence for Packaging Design at the American Design Awards for their Slingbox package design. This is a product that has won awards from Time Magazine, PC World, Popular Mechanics, and more. If you want an award winning team to create a brand for you, go to


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