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cosmetic dentistry NYC

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In NYC, Mercury-free Dental Treatments are the Specialty of Cosmetic Dentistry Surgeons


It is said that a healthy mouth is a gateway to a person’s health. The last few years have witnessed a growing consciousness among New Yorkers for good dental health. Cosmetic dentistry is one of the highly developed fields of dentistry that offers health of the teeth. A cosmetic dentistry NYC surgeon provides dental treatments that are safe and viable for the overall health of the teeth.


Cavities are one of the common dental conditions that require fillings. Amalgam fillings have been the preferred choice of dentists for filling material. However, the last few years have witnessed a raised awareness of toxicity of such fillings. The section below discusses about mercury and the increasing trend of mercury-free dentistry in New York City that has become the specialty of dental surgeons.


Mercury in dentistry -

Mercury’s use in dentistry dates back to the seventh century Chinese culture, where it was used for the purpose of fillings. In the early eighteenth century, the use of mercury was used as a popular filling material in England and France. The last few years have experienced a great use of amalgam in the cosmetic dentistry that is an alloy containing mercury, silver, tin, copper and other trace materials.


The popularity of mercury has diminished in the recent times due to its association with various birth defects, oral lesions, autoimmune disorders and mental disorders. In a research carried out in monkeys, it has been found that, mercury deposits itself in the brain, kidney, lungs and liver. Many dental practitioners recommend the removal of these amalgam fillings in routine dental procedures. The American Dental Association (ADA) considers amalgam fillings as safer options for fillings; however, the world health organization considers mercury exposure harmful in the longer run. One of the biggest drawbacks of mercury is that our body does not have the metabolism mechanism to eliminate mercury from the body.


Cosmetic dentists in New York City are increasingly utilizing mercury-free dentistry -

Cosmetic Dentistry NYC professionals today are focusing to use alternatives for the overall health of the person. The materials used in the oral cavity should be conducive to the health of the teeth unlike the non-radioactive material mercury. Most cosmetic dentists make use of porcelain fillings for filling cavities and for replacing the previous amalgam filling of an individual. This filling material is durable and is matched with the color of the candidate’s teeth. In other cases, inlays and onlays made out of ceramic is used for cavities that are present in the teeth at the back of the mouth.


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