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No One is Above the Law

by anonymous

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When you hear about criminal activity, what normally comes to mind? For most people, thoughts of rebellious or lawless individuals with no regard for the law come rushing in—people who likely have an extensive history of trouble with authority. And where there are people committing criminal acts, we’ve been conditioned to rely on the police to handle the situation. That being said, how many of us have ever considered the possibility that law enforcement officers may come under fire? It’s probably not the most commonly heard thing, and certainly not what we expect, but it does happen. South and Central Florida, being highly populous, have a fair share of criminal cases; a significant number of which involve police officers enlisting the help of criminal lawyers. Such was the case with Bobby Jones, a former Florida deputy police chief who served in the city of Cocoa.


Jones was accused of physically assaulting a woman in 2010 during a confrontation involving his brother. The woman claimed that Jones had grown incredibly jealous of her interactions with his brother, and that he had accused the two of having an affair. In a fit of rage, she said, the police chief tried to force her into his car; when she tried to flee, he grabbed her, punching her in the chest and the throat. The woman later testified in court, and Jones was charged with misdemeanor battery. Though the case hasn’t yet concluded, if convicted, Jones may face jail, and he’ll also be required to pay a fine as per Florida’s battery laws.


For some of us, it can be a little disillusioning to think of the police in this light. After all, our security is in their hands, and it’s their job to prevent and put a stop to criminal conduct, not participate in it. However, it’s entirely possible that a law enforcement officer may find trouble with the law at some point. Obviously, they aren’t always guilty, which is why criminal lawyers work so hard to get the proper verdict, but charges are still rather common.


As the case is not yet over, it remains to be seen whether Jones is guilty. He still denies the woman’s allegations, claiming he never harmed her. There are many officers out there who are falsely accused, as well as those who are guilty but are still in need of a smart, dedicated lawyer to ensure fair treatment. South Florida is a great place to find an excellent South Florida criminal lawyer  who will take on a case from people from all walks of life.


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