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A Message From Heaven

You are all beautiful.
You are all sparks of the Light.
You have nothing to be afraid of.
You create your reality with your thoughts.
Forgive and you are forgiven.
Love and you are loved.
Create and you are created.
Give freely and you are given all the things that bring true happiness.
Don't hold on to the sufferings of the past.
Let them go.
Untie the painful knots in your brains by realizing that the hurt that you may feel is of your own making.
It's in your thoughts.
You have the power to change your thoughts.
So think Love, Prosperity, Peace, Enjoyment, Success, Change, Engagement, Cooperation, and Individual Contribution to the Whole.
Don't settle for what you have been given by what you call destiny or fate.
Rise above it by doing the opposite of what the voices of fear, doubt, and discontent may tell you.
They are all liars.
There is no truth in them.
They push you around, so that you can realize today that you are free to leave that mental prison at any time you want.
You leave it the moment you acknowledge the existence of Love.
You stay out of that prison by focusing on Love, nurturing Love, living in Love.
Remember that.
You are always loved by at least one person, so you are never alone.
Feel that person's Love.
Become one with it.
Multiply it.
Send it back to that person.
Accept their gift of Love.
Their love is your love, and your love is also theirs.
Love is now.


At your service with Love,

Maurice & the Maya Team
Maya Ethnobotanicals