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Fragrance of Money

by kunwarpal

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We all love a good fragrance and we obviously love money. Combination of both these loves is what’s driving the perfume industry, that too in fifth gear. If you are little knowledgeable on the subject you will know the magnitude that perfume industry has reached in today’s time. It is the shinning jewel the beauty and personal care product range and reasons are many.  Perfumes are one of the oldest forms of luxury along with jewels. The kings and queens of the ancient most times loved to indulge in exploring the rich & rare fragrances. It was a symbol of class. Fas forward to today’s times and not much has changed.

There are hundreds of luxury definers today but perfumes have stood the test of time and continue their status symbol image. And as you and me know that something that is luxury has to be come at a cost. Prices of perfume can go up to obnoxious levels. Its not the case of what is the maximum price out there, it’s about what is maximum you can afford. 

Another factor driving the perfume industry is the change in our lifestyle. The ones who don’t party every weekend are considered backward. We are out in public every second day and that means we need to present ourselves in an appealing manner over and over again. This is a perfect scenario for perfume makers. The demand is growing without many efforts, especially for established brands and products. 

Perfume being a personal product has a lot of loyalty attached to it. In most cases people don’t like to switch their favorite perfume. So a perfume supplier knows that once the initial ice is broken with the customer the chances are that he or she will still along or a long time. On the flipside, it is a challenge for new entrants to break into the market but they know if they somehow find a way through sky is the limit. 

The fragrance industry like many others today has largely benefited from the boom in online markets. It is one of the best-sold products through websites. In fact there are many companies who are earning their bread (and even cakes) only by online perfume portals. The numbers are growing by the day and so is the online market for fragrances. The loyalty factor is one of the key reasons for the success of online sales of perfumes as people know exactly what they want to but so they don’t need to go to the market and indulge in exploring alternatives. 

This growth is only going to better stronger. There is no reason for the change in stride. If perfumes had to die the death of time then they would have been extinct by now. Its an old saying that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, it is perfectly applicable for our ever growing perfume industry.For MoreDetail Visit :

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