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Deli Case

by marcrefrigeration

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A good quality Deli Case displays merchandise aesthetically & yields profits to its owners


The neighborhood deli is an integral part of the lives of those frequenting every day for their breakfast and lunches, with most deli owners catering efficiently to the voracious appetites of their customers with delicious food. One of the biggest challenges for deli owners is to store large amounts of eatables over extended periods and to prevent them from going stale. Food display cases are the perfect solutions for deli owners along with others in the food industry like restaurants, mobile eateries and cafes. Furthermore termed as a deli case, it can be used for storing large quantities of hot as well as cold food for extended durations; a deli owner should consider the following criterion for investing in a right case.


Capacity-The various features such as the height, length and depth should be decided according to the requirements. In case of shipment, the weight has to be considered along with condenser units because some cases are available with these units while for others, a refrigeration mechanic needs to be consulted.


Aesthetics-The right kind of deli case can give an added edge to a shop by an attractive presentation that is inviting for the customers. Manufacturers may offer customized cases according to the décor and features such as curved glass display can enhance the aesthetics of the shop. The glass is designed to provide the maximum display area along with eliminating any glares caused due to extra light.


Warranties-This is an important piece of information to consider before investing in a case, since one spends an immense amount of money. The warranty services should be discussed promptly with the seller for any faults or breakdowns, which may occur in the future requiring repairs or replacement.


Reliable cooling and drainage-A good case should provide efficient cooling in the storage area along with providing advanced condensate evaporator and defrost timers. The temperature gauge helps in tracking the optimum temperature for preserving the food.


An efficient deli case will not only prevent food from perishing but can also become a prized asset for the owner with its superior performance and enticing display.


A good deli case can be multipurpose and is available in many sizes to fit any requirements, please visit for more information.

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