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The variety in efficient aeration systems

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The basic problems of a farmer with commercial interests are that of aeration and the removal of compaction. In a way both these are interlinked. Aeration is the process of introducing air into the soil. The method of introducing air is by taking the help of water since there’s no way air can reach the plant roots otherwise. The problem is therefore to create the passages in the soil such that the air-water mix can reach the roots. In a heavily compacted soil, as all farmland or pastureland and turf have a tendency to become if neglected, these passages have to be created. These tasks of breaking the compaction and secondly creating the passages need well designed aeration systems.

Aeration systems therefore sort out not only the problem of compaction but also aeration and water management. In any case all these are intertwined. There are different aspects of water management of the turf and these introduce the necessity of the turf aerator. Water management of the turf needs to tackle the issue on two fronts. Firstly, the air-water mix must infiltrate the soil and then percolate or move through the soil. For managing these objectives compaction has to be overcome with the help of scientifically designed tines. These special tines provide an effective and fast as well as low cost and yet versatile tool for aeration of the turf. Such aeration systems make use of Shattertine type of tools that can successfully break down compacted layers as deep as 7”and even deeper. This establishes a satisfactory percolation rate.

Once the percolation rate has been established and the natural capillary action of the soil recreated, the next task that is performed by the turf aerator is that of maintaining the infiltration rate. This task is achieved with the help of a different set of tools. For the fairways/tees/playing fields the Sportstine is used and for the greens and approaches the Finetine is used. This operation can be carried out without disruption of the surface and as often as necessary. There are other forms of the turf aerator for thatch management, such as the Super Finetine and for top dressing or dethatching such as the coring tine.

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