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New Smile & New Makeover from Cosmetic Dentist NYC

by CosmeticDentistryNYC

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New Yorkers love to flaunt with their cheery smile and for those unluckier ones, today technology can bless you with a perfect charm that God has not spelled on you. The most important attention-grabbing feature on our face is the smile. An expert Cosmetic Dentist NYC can improve the appearance of your smile through procedures like teeth whitening, dental implants, dental veneers and many more.


The most widely done Cosmetic dental procedures are:

  • Bleaching/Whitening

  • Crown & Bridge Work

  • Direct Bonding – Posterior

  • Direct Bonding – Anterior

  • Implants

  • Inlays/On lays

  • Orthodontics

  • Removable Prosthetics

  • Veneers


Truth is that most of us are unhappy with the shape, color and arrangement of our teeth and want them to be straight, lustrous white and well positioned. Our teeth signify our beauty and if there were any deformations, one may suffer and lose confidence when it comes to their public appearance and charm. Luckily, now with the advancement in dentistry, our dentist can do great improvements in our looks. Porcelain veneers is the most advanced technique that can repair damage teeth, treat stained teeth and fill gaps between teeth thereby enhancing value of your youthful smile. Many of our everyday dental problems can be resolved by Porcelain veneers.


Pain, tooth decay, injury and bacterial infestation are the some of the reasons when people visit their dentist in distress and traditional dentistry focuses to provide care for oral hygiene, prevention and treatment of oral diseases. In addition to this traditional aspect, Cosmetic dentist focuses on full mouth reconstruction in order to provide relief from problems as well as helps in improving the appearance of a person’s teeth, mouth and shimmering smile. Full mouth reconstruction concentrates on procedures that serve the purpose of solving functional as well as cosmetic related problems.


These days, Cosmetic Dentist NYC is more of an artist than mere a dentist. While choosing a dentist for any of the cosmetic procedures; their skills, experience and reputation must be considered first hand. The detailed consultation with your dentist is very important to explain the dental procedure that would be performed.


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