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My Reflections of FLC by Brandon Vi...

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My Reflections of FLC by Brandon Vi


This is my thoughts and what happened at FLC today at Monta Vista High. This is long and I will not put up a TL;DNR version because as long as this note is, it still doesn't express my thoughts and feelings there.


Waking up 5:30AM in the morning, I got up and took a shower as I prepared for a long day ahead of me. I got changed and picked up a few members who would not have otherwise came without a ride from me.


When I reached the destination after about 45 minutes of driving, in my mind, I thought: "This is going to be one of those overhyped events that yours truly made me spend $10 for." I just parked anyways seeing that I was already there and I did about 5 days of driving already in just two days. Besides, I wanted to see if this can really change me in some way.


I walked to the front of the school, seeing cars and more cars passing by. I meet up with my secretary and sign in, just wanting to get this day over with so I can get my hours and go back home and start on homework. I noticed the "Area 8" sign with it on the back "Thug L1F3" or something like that which made me chuckle a bit.


I went into the campus where we were randomly assigned to groups. I wanted to change my group but people won't let me. So I didn't want to complain and you get the picture.


I walked into the auditorium with everyone cheering, which I can't really cheer because I was attempting to take pictures of the spirit and I was trying to look for my friend from Piedmont (Which ultimately ended up failing.). Man, I wish I hadn't taken pictures but then again, how can I trigger those memories again in case if I forget it somehow?


So we had a lecture about what Interact is about and so on. A quote from the recently died Steve Jobs said that "We can connect the dots, it's just that we can only connect them in the future," or something like that. I kinda took the statement with a grain of salt but it made a little bit more sense a little bit more later on.


It was time to head on to the first group. I was actually a little bit nervous because I don't know anybody who could be in my group. At the same time, I wanted to meet and maybe talk to new people a little bit. Boy, I managed to talk to three people already on my way to my first lecture and we got lost together but we managed to find our way.


When I got into the auditorium, I made a note in my mind that people are just as nervous as me and perhaps maybe I should be the one starting the conversation [Which I really hate doing.]. I also noticed that the "actors" in the auditorium were prepping their skit with papers, which I thought it was going to be stupid. Turns out it just wasn't stupid, but it was stupid in it's own way. It made their point across. One of the actors asked me what did I learn. What I learned was that one needs to be compassionate to convince someone. Afterwards, we played a game of Telephone Charades, which THE PERSON NEXT ME GOT THE WORD RIGHT. Ah well, the first lecture was interesting and I got something out of this. It's like my mind went "Okay, this might not be so bad."


To the second lecture go and it was at the gym. To make it brief, I learned plenty and got some good laughs at the game. I wish I could've done more at the second lecture now that I think about it.


On to the third lecture, where things started to get interesting. During the passing time, I met someone who is a local at Monte Vista High. We chatted and then I brought in my YB attitude, unintentionally. I accidentally talked smack about the school being how bias I am about Cupertino schools and rather than just getting pissed at me, he actually got a laugh about the stereotypes, which he then wanted to know more what else do I think. He was a got sport about it and we even had side talk about my thoughts. In the end, he wasn't offended and actually made his FLC morning at that point.


While I was making the card with my friend, I met a few more people who we introduced each other. I accidentally called a guy "Sarah" because his name sounded like it. The group laugh and so did I. Then the name game came at me. To cut it short, I am horrible at names that I just learned but they tested me anyways. I was bad but we laughed. I ended getting their Facebook contact and then I disbanded as we had to go back to the main gym. I wished that period lasted longer so I got to know them more.


Went back to the gym and our National Project was "Go Green, Recycle." Long story short, I was proud that I took AP Environmental Science now.


Then off to lunch. I tried to get the full value of my $10 but to no avail. I let it go and even bought a water bottle for $5. At least they were straight up honest and try not to cheat on me as the bottle was Made in China. I know it is for a good cause, but at the same time, why can't we just make those products in the US if we truly want to go green?


Aside from that rant in my mind, lunch was over and then we went back to the gym. We revealed our international project, which involved raising $70,000 to Africa to cut it short. Then we had a lecture from this lady who started her own charity despite what she faced. She says that "You can do anything if you don't have to do it alone." At that point, I was just...wowed. I thought that was the quote that made my day. I just...couldn't believe what she said, I could do anything if I don't have to do it alone. That's where I began to change. I just wished her presentation was a little longer


I then saw a man from Africa who was in the situation where he basically had nothing. I wanted to make fun of him, but I decided if I can do so, I'll do it later. To make sure I can keep this brief and that you can figure out what happened, I decided not to make a mockery out of him.


After that event, it was time for the General Members, upperclassmen to stay in the gym. I expected ANOTHER presentation, but instead, it was all fun and games. We were split into four groups where we try to call out on other groups to screw up as loud as possible and boy that was fun. We tried to play Red Rover but it was too dangerous. Personally, I thought they should've kept the game because, well, I just felt so. We moved on to ultimate rock paper scissors. I wish I had my long group but it was fun just high fiving my fellow interactors in the district.


Moving on to the area meeting at FLC. At first, I thought this was going to be some stupid meeting where everything was going to be repeated because I went to all the lunch meetings at YB. I then saw Carolyn crying about all the hard work and dedication she spent on putting this all together and in Interact together. I actually smiled at her as my way to say thanks and to recognize her and all the DCs hard work and dedication that they don't get enough, and most likely will never get enough thanks. We then moved on to the cheer which brings in to the next paragraph.


Moving on to the final countdown, the areas decided to do their own cheer. Long story short, what a great way to end my first...and most likely my last FLC.


So I drove my passengers home and then when I was finally in the car alone, I finally connected all those dots that I got today. I don't believe it is necessary for me to tell you what I got as you should figure it out yourself.


Well, there's my FLC experience thoughts. Honestly, it's the best $10 I spent in a long time and I feel that I changed as person.Talking to new people and learning other things are just extras for me. I feel that this experience will really help me reorganize myself before I head off to college.


I just have one question though: Why YBHS Interact didn't start early? But then again, I wouldn't be making the most of it.


Peace. Love. Interact.

Brandon Vi


PS: I know this it long but I can't go over everything in a single note.