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How Can British Citizenship Be Obtained By South Africans?

by indiankenyans

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Citizenship and nationality troubles can be tough, but not impractical to wade through so as to figure out if one is eligible to be a British National, or to submit an application for citizenship.

A person may obtain British Citizenship in South Africa through one's own birth or with the birth of one's parent or grandparents in South Africa. There are five major kinds of British nationality for South Africans (British Citizens, British Overseas Territories Citizens, British Overseas Citizens, British Subjects and British protected persons), and you should search through your personal history in ascertaining the one you may be eligible for with UK Ancestry for South Africans. This includes a history of parents and grandparents, on both of the sides of your family tree. Additionally, nationality laws at the period or place of birth greatly influences what form of nationality one might be qualified for.

South Africa once existed within the Crown’s Dominions as separate colonies. In 1948, its status transformed to a free commonwealth country, which conferred few privileges to South Africans as UK Nationals. British Nationality Citizenship can be acquired through birth, descent, registration or naturalisation.

How can I Obtain British nationality citizenship? If the mother or father of a South African is a British Citizen, in that case the South African citizen will be qualified to make a claim for dual citizenship and acquire British Citizenship through mother or through father. This confers the rights of the British citizen, with the exception that your own child (the second generation from the birthright of your eligible parent) is not automatically qualified for British citizenship through you.

A child given birth to after 1 January 1983 might meet the criteria for a British citizen through paternity or a British citizenship through the mother's side, if one of the parents has a British citizenship with ways apart from by descent. To put it another way, if the eligible parent has a British citizenship because their mother or father is a British citizen, the parent's child will not be qualified to become a citizen by descent.

Unmarried fathers are not usually qualified to bestow British citizenship automatically to children born before July 1, 2006. If the parents get married before the child's birth, however, the child might be provided the status of a British citizen at birth. This implies only if the child becomes lawfully recognized as a result of the marriage, and the father was then qualified to convey British citizenship to the child.

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