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Tips to Resolve Event ID 502 in Exchange Server

by anonymous

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An Exchange Server database can become inconsistent due to several reasons like hardware problems, dirty shutdown, antivirus software scanning, and various similar reasons. Most of these problems are resolved by Exchange's Eseutil repair utility, but during repair, it sometimes detects some columns that may fail to process exchange server recovery. As a result, database inconsistency problem might remain unresolved. This article discusses one such scenario and ways to deal with the same.


Consider a corrupted Exchange Server database that you try to repair using Eseutil /p command. After the repair process is finished, you observe that few columns for a particular record still show inconsistency problems. They appear to be corrupted. On viewing the application log for the root of problem, the below event is encountered:

Event ID: 502

Source: ESE


process name (process id) The database engine lost one or more bad columns of data in one record. It is highly recommended that an application-level integrity check of the database be run to ensure application-level data integrity.


Event ID 502 is usually observed during the repair process of Eseutil /p on an inconsistent database.

As mentioned once, this event is the outcome of corrupted columns in database. It occurs when you run Eseutil /p and it finds few bad columns in an individual record, but cannot repair them and the bad columns are discarded. This type of corruption often results from hardware problems.

Database Recovery

You first need to troubleshoot the hardware problems, if any, and then try following tips to recover the corrupted Exchange database to a consistent state:

  • If the database repair and hence exchange recovery has been successful by Eseutil /p command, you can run Isinteg -fix command and later use ExMerge utiliy to import data in *.pst files and then create the database again. An alternative solution to ExMerge is to use Move Mailbox tool for moving the mailboxes to another server.

  • In case, the database is extensively damaged and cannot be repaired using Eseutil /p, you should restore it from the last backup. If no good backup is available, you should seek aid of a third-party exchange server recovery software.


Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is a simple utility that allows repairing corrupted Exchange databases, irrespective of the state of corruption, and then restoring individual mailboxes in *.pst files. This exchange recovery utility supports MS Exchange Server 2007, 2003, 2000, and 5.5.

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