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Job roles and responsibilities of dietitians in hospital

by bradleydanielelliot

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1.    Essential for GP
Dietitions employ the knowledge that they have acquired for helping people take decision regarding their personal lifestyle and choice of food. They are involved in assessing and treating people with various medical problems. Dietician job encompasses many important responsibilities and it is essential to learn the various roles that a dietician needs to play for dispensing these responsibilities with great effectiveness.  Dietician jobs focus on the promotion and well being of the people by sharing information about the connection between food and mental and physical health.

2.    Professionalism

Being a dietitian requires the ability of motivating people to change their dietary habit for their betterment. It also requires explaining complicated issues. To be a dietician professional, you have to first acquire a degree approved by the Health and Care Professions Council.

3.    Jobs Communities

Dietician jobs are mainly found in two places which are hospitals or communities. Jobs related to hospital involve responsibilities such as caring for children’s health, cancer care or renal diabetics. It involves running outpatient clinics. These could be for people who have diabetes or eating disorders. The most common eating disorders are bulimia and anorexia. Dietician jobs in such settings also comprise of catering services for creating menus for patients with various dietary needs.

4.    Faces Problems during jobs

Dietician jobs in community involve being a part of primary care team. These include GPs and health visitors. The duties include carrying out various activities that are focused on raising awareness regarding the importance of healthy living, operating health promotion workshops for training health care professionals and providing dietary advice to those who have problems linked to depression, lack of confidence or low income.

5.    Roles and Responsibilities

These two are the most common settings. A part from these Dietitions could also be working in research, manufacturing, education, public relations and advertising. The Dietitions may also play a role to develop new products and calculate their nutritional value. They could also create scientific literature about a food product.

6.    Net Income

The number of working hours for dietician jobs is usually 37.5 a week in the NHS. These could possibly include weekends. However, part time work is also available. Such jobs have the annual salaries amounting between £21,388 and £27,901. Those with experience may earn up to £34,530 a year. The advanced Dietitions and specialist earn even more which could be up to £40,558 a year. In addition, Dietitions also earn allowances on account of working at irregular hours or because they are on-call.
Before you apply for such jobs make sure that you have most of the required interests, skills and qualities. These include having an interest in nutrition, an interest in the health and well being of people, an aptitude for science, an ability for explaining complex issues to people who are not having a sound knowledge of science, being able to understand the attitude about alternative lifestyles, patience, capability for motivating people into changing eating habits, a flexible approach to work and the ability to work as part of a team as well as a lone member.

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