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Cixin qiu - yun tasted drunk flow to China

by cunshang85

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Beads of rain fell in, dripping wet curtain of rain heart, also a wet floating due to hot and dry mood. From the fence door omissions in the wind, blew away the coagulation sorrow on your forehead, more will be before the court that strains GuiHuaShu swayed the full courtyard fragrance. Pick shade is low, the blue brick flies in the build by laying bricks or stones into the patio, a pool of cool and refreshing. A bunch of ping ping tingting banana and slanting walked with an umbrella, QiaoLi in the middle of the day 丼; Canopy leaf clear drop spilled on the misty light, mapping out a kind of elegant temperament, like one of white-collar beauty by night. Wind rustled her cold face, her shoulders slightly stirred up, wafer beads of rain pour down from the leaves of umbrella, fell on the green flag on a cold splash ring. As the covered with moss, see the steps of build by laying bricks or stones marks, a loose begonia down the rain QingJu out, such as holding up a water MCE rainy season.

Heat dispersion, autumn is coming; Osmanthus opened, red the drop off. Across from the window of a fallen leaves, occasionally inadvertently quietly in the season of a song. Years so monotonously with reciprocating cycle, for the rotation of life, or the love flower gucci belts bloom and fade, the monotonous reciprocating it's so thrilling, aftertaste making a person is boundless. And time with the passing years, seasons and the variation of the emotion, what let a person have a kind of helpless feeling again, never know the time gone, heart can issue: the dead of Ruth, sigh!

However, when you saw the golden grain, with a ridge of a ridge overlapping clusters stand in front of your eyes, hear the words of song of the harvest season himself as a then a rippling the valley echoed, will you still for a few autumn insect wailing sound and feel sad? When you saw the mountains all over Dan leaf, a wave after wave of surging with fiery passion, hear the wind to wear in maple flick thousands rhymes of wave ring wave, linger in your ear, you will also felt sorry for pieces of leaves on the wane?

When you stand on top of the mountain for a new round of the magnificent sunrise, will be disseminated in sunlight yee as of body and mind, listen to the stream gurgling flow of the fountain of life, you will feel disappointed for several decaying scene? Although there is a "is in the red failure cui, passed passed its" murmur of autumn morning, but there is a "sunset and solitary then fly together, autumn waters and the sky flavor" quite rainy night scene. Mountains and cool color, even with the autumn tree tree ", "the painting in the autumn, but there is" a year that it must remember, cheap gucci belts most was orange orange green "of the beauty of autumn. What if there are "green lotus contingency hate, a look back west wind" affliction of hatred, but also has a "new autumn evening, all the way to this month will circle" gather the period...


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