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Tips to Develop an iPhone App and Publishing in iTunes

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Despite the growing popularity of Android smartphones, no one can deny the huge popularity of iPhone among both users and developers. Apple also upgrades the smartphone at regular intervals to provide improved user experience. The popularity of the Apple mobile devices have encouraged many developers to build iPhone apps and get these published in iTunes. If you have already experience in building, distributing and promoting applications for iOS mobile operating system, it will be a cakewalk to launch new applications. But you must keep a number of important points in mind, if you are developing and publishing an iPhone app for the first time.

5 Tips to Develop an iPhone App and Publish It in iTunes

  • Make and Implement a Comprehensive Development Plan: Despite possessing adequate knowledge and skills, you cannot develop a popular iPhone app without a comprehensive strategy. Along with the budget and timeframe of the project, the plan must cover the entire development lifestyle. Once you decide each state of the app development life cycle, it will be easier for you to write the code. Also, the plan must consider the contingencies that need to be addressed immediately to develop the application on schedule. It is also important to decide how to distribute, market and promote the application once it is developed and tested.

  • Optimize User Experience: Like the lifestyle and choices of users, the trends in iPhone app development also changes on a constant basis. So you must observe the latest trends in mobile app development to optimize user experience. For instance, the gaming apps are more popular among users than other apps. So you must consider including certain gaming features in your application to impress the users. At the same time, you also need to follow the standard coding and designing practices to optimize the application’s performance. Also, you must test the app thoroughly to identify and fix the bugs, errors, defects and flaws that will have a negative impact on users.

  • Join Apple Developer Program: Apple require mobile application developers to join the iOS developer program by paying certain fee. As a member of the programmer you can access a variety of technical accessories, resources, support and pre-release software. The iOS developer program will further enable you to distribute the app to millions of users in a hassle-free way. At the same time, you can further earn revenue, through In-AdPurchases, iAd rich media ads and the volume purchase program, by publishing your iPhone app to iTunes and App Store.

  • Convert Visitors into Customers: Normally, a person visiting the iTunes page decides about downloading an app within 2 seconds. So you must explore options to keep the visitors engaged, and convert them into customers by conveying the desired information. Many visitors decide about reading the features and functionality of an iPhone app only if they like the app name and icon. Also, you must highlight the innovative features and high functionality of the app by including these details in the app description. It is also important to post testimonials on your iTunes page to win the visitor’s trust.

  • Enhance Your App’s Visibility: In addition to developing an innovative iPhone app, you also need explore options to enhance its visibility on the iTunes App Store. Many users initiate a search to find apps belonging to a specific category. So the ranking of your app on the search results page will have a huge impact on its popularity. You may find it a daunting task to understand the iTunes search algorithm. But you can always add many keywords to increase the iTunes search ranking of your app. As the search algorithm considers the application name, developer/reseller name and keywords field, you must try to include as many keywords as possible. However, you must avoid keyword duplication and using space between two keywords, as the keywords field allows only 100 characters.

You can also consider using several tools and frameworks to build the iPhone application at a rapid pace. It is also important to understand and follow a number of important iOS app development best practices to design a mobile application that will go viral within a very short span of time.

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