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Microfiber cloth is the best thing to clean glasses

by swethar

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When it comes to cleaning fragile surfaces like looking glasses, your camera lens or even spectacles, the process needs to be a far more tender and smooth. You cannot allow any scratches to be left behind nor can you do with a dusty camera or spectacle. Microfiber glass cloth has recently evolved as a revolutionary tool to complete these chores and have even replaced traditional cleaning tools to be used with glasses, metal, laminated wood, refrigerators, mirrors, car windows, refrigerator doors and other household items.

The microfiber glass cloth technology is based upon synthetic materials, the main components being polyamide and polyester. While polyamide imparts absorption power to the cloth, polyester is helpful in thorough polishing and cleaning. Good quality microfiber cloth UK is based upon the interlocking mechanism between the polyamide and polyester mesh and helps remove dirt and germs. Measuring less than a diner, these cloths have taken up the responsibility to keep households and kitchens in UK healthy and shining.

The two important materials in the microfiber glass cloth are interwoven and come with other special characteristics like durability, softness, water repellency, wicking, filtering capability and absorption. It is a multipurpose cloth that is used dry to remove dust and polishing surfaces. Wet cloth is used on the other hand to clean glass and mirror surfaces to deliver that perfect shine. As an example when you need to clean up your window, spray water on the mirror surface and dry it down while pressing and gliding a microfiber glass cloth. Another glide imparts fine polish to the surface. When slightly dampened with water, these cloths will impart a streak and lint free shine both inside and out. They are especially useful when handling fragile and important glass surfaces including spectacles and camera lenses.

It is good to have a all purpose pack of microfiber glass cloth handy in the household to suit emergencies. When you have accidentally spilled grease on your spectacles while fixing a bolt in the garage, a microfiber glass cloth will perhaps be the only and best way to clean it smoothly. Using normal cloth surfaces will leave behind streaks and may even scratch out the surface. For homemakers who are bent upon keeping their household spotless, this technology is the exact answer.

There are several suppliers of microfiber cloths UK but your buy should be based on the relative usage that you are looking for. If it is especially for fragile items like cameras and spectacles, a high quality product will be necessary and this obviously will cost a bit. Howsoever, cheaper products are also available that let you easily clean drawing room mirrors, refrigerators and car windows.

For a second use of the microfiber cloth, it needs to be washed in warm water. Avoid using bleach agents like chlorine as the chemicals will damage the material. Fabric softeners will be a good alternative for keeping your microfiber glass cloth clean and ready to use.

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