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Choosing The Right Milwaukee Divorce Attorney

by anonymous

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There are a lot of things has to be considered before choosing a lawyer. In fact only with proper information and research client will be able to choose or hire the best attorney for his or her case. It is important to consider that the chosen attorney should be a professional and competent advocate. After one has done the research by speaking with the personal and professional contacts, he or she should interview several potential divorce lawyers. But first, be aware that some people who are planning to go through a divorce try to eliminate their spouse’s choice of an attorney.

Finding the best one

If client anticipate a major domestic battle and he or she live in a community that has a limited amount of good domestic attorneys, some attorneys have recommended that he or she prevent his or her spouse from hiring a select group of these attorneys. These attorneys suggest that you find out who the very best attorneys are, not those necessarily in his or her spouse’s anticipated price range, and set up appointments with all of them. The lawyers may charge a consultation fee. This gives client an opportunity to compare the lawyers before him or her make his or her choice. And here’s the kicker . . . some case law suggests that client’s spouse cannot hire any attorney whom client have consulted because client previously have a professional relationship with that lawyer. This is especially effective in a small community with a mere handful of good domestic attorneys. Many lawyers suggest being certain that client pay for the consultation, but don’t pay cash; use a check so client can later prove that client consulted with that lawyer on a certain date. If the lawyer originally refuses to take a consultation fee, drop a check written in his or her name or in the law firm’s name for a nominal amount (i.e., $25). The chances are high that the check will be deposited in the lawyer’s bank account, and the canceled check will be evidence preventing your spouse from using that attorney or anyone in that attorney’s law firm.

Don’t worry about what client disclose to the Milwaukee divorce attorney during the consultation. What clients say is confidential, and the lawyer cannot tell the information to anyone, even if client does not hire him or her. The state law is trying to deal with this maneuver. Recent rulings do not absolutely exclude client’s spouse from hiring an attorney with whom client merely had a consultation.

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