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Adult online store insight

by anonymous

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In today’s world the mere sight or mention of sex toys such as vibrating rings, lube, or dildos would hardly elicit any shock at all except in the extremely prude amongst us. Sex toys are today sold over the counter in pharmacies next to vitamins and can very easily be ordered discretely at the adult online store. I even recall Oprah endorsing the many virtues of sex toys online on her talk show on more than one occasion.

Many people would be surprised to know that the first vibrator was actually invented by a British doctor who utilized it very effectively in curing female hysteria by applying the device to assist anxious or stressed out female patients achieve sexual orgasm and thus lower their nervousness. Enterprising businessmen then created portable versions and a whole industry was created.

Although online sex toys have today become more about a leisure activity than a medical need, many doctors and sex therapists still prescribe them in helping their patients, both male and female achieve a more satisfying sex life. After all, it’s not as if many of them don’t need that, with statistics showing that up to ten percent of sexually active women have never experienced an orgasm, not to mention the ones that experience difficulties in climaxing with their partners. A lot of these medical practitioners recommend vibrators to be used as a complement to sexual intercourse to give both partners added control, pleasure by giving them extra stimulation.

Women are apparently not the only ones who use online sex toys for their many pleasure perks. A lot of men have said that the use of sex toys together with their partners during intercourse vastly heightens their own sexual desires and gratification. The use of online sex toys has also been shown to improve erectile, clitoral and orgasmic function; it is therefore hardly surprising that one of the fastest growing segments of the sex toy industry is the market for his-and-her vibrators along with other similar accessories that have specifically been designed to be shared exclusively by men and women during sex. Another interesting sex toy tidbit has to do with the infamous Rabbit, which gained notoriety after Charlotte got hooked on it in Sex and the City. The Rabbit is a sex toy that was developed in Japan. It acquired its unique shape because it was illegal in that country to design a sex toy that mimicked the shape of the penis.

Sex toys online have been shown to put back the sizzle in long-term relationships that have been fizzling out by stimulating the release of hormones that encourage closer bonding. For the single women amongst us, sex toys assist the body to remember how to respond sexually, while it maintains the flow of blood to the genital area and prevents the vagina from tightening or drying up in those who are menopausal.

If there was ever undeniable proof of how mainstream sex toys online have become in today’s society, it would be the fact that the recession has actually led to an increase in sex toy purchases!

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