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Why Should You Opt For A Private Cloud Platform

by kalpeshkumar

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Cloud computing service is now the preferred form of technology. Companies as well as individuals are no longer willing to invest in huge storage spaces or spend thousands of dollars on trouble shooting. Buying dedicated software and computer terminals for every new employee who joins the company is considered passé too. You can now hope to simplify your solutions by opting for cloud services especially when it comes in the form of a private cloud platform.

But what exactly is it?

This is a phrase that is currently used to describe a cloud computing platform which is operated within a particular corporate’s firewall, thus ascertaining security. While it has the advantages of the public cloud iaas, the greater control over customer data, security, and compliance with regulatory parameters provide the clients with a distinctive edge over a public cloud service.

 A typical platform that offers a private cloud service will offer the following:-

  • A technological platform that is created by using your own resources namely your hardware as well as software.
  • Secured hosting
  • Quick and reliable means of computing
  • Storage of huge amounts of data within the cloud data center.
  • Data backup for all important folders, files as well as legal documents.
  • Flexibility of use.
  • Customization of your software.
  • Pay per use facility

 Why are companies eager to use this cloud computing platform?

  • It remains under the control of the user.
  • It helps the company to adapt faster in accordance with the latest business requirements.
  • It can get the best of both worlds by combining with public clouds, thereby creating a hybrid cloud.

What Service Providers Do Before Launching A Private Platform

  • Analyzing the requirement of a private cloud platform for the client
  • A concrete plan for creating one based on the existing infrastructure
  • Formulating various policies for providing access to the customer.
  • Checking the security needs and planning on how to provide the same.
  • Deployment of the platform
  • Testing the cloud computing platform thoroughly before giving access to the customer.
  • Providing training for the employees as well as partners if required.

This particular cloud computing platform, thus becomes an automatic and easily scalable technology that runs on virtual machines located in the cloud. It helps to eliminate mundane repetitive tasks thereby allowing the staff to focus on their main task, which in turn increases the profitability of a company.

While the IT companies are eager to work on such a technology, the other business houses and corporate can benefit equally by investing in a private platform of their own. The most prudent move would be to start with a single department and gradually integrate the entire business within a private cloud platform.

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