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Why Choosing Branded Mobile Phone Battery Is Important

by amitsachdeva

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What we do with our old mobiles? We generally discard them by giving them away or selling them at throw away prices, or simply, if we are lucky, we exchange them for new ones. All old handsets generally have a problem either with their mobile chargers or more commonly with their aging batteries. The batteries they have are either worn out or are nearing their expiry period. To cut the matter short, old handsets need a replacement for their batteries earlier than they require any other kind of replacement.

Unlike mobile market in India, the market for phone batteries is still being dominated more by lower rung players who hardly have any credibility to their standing. Their sustenance depends on the price at which they offer batteries. People flock to them only because of two reasons, firstly, because they offer batteries that are ridiculously low priced, and secondly because, irrespective of how the batteries perform in long run, they fulfill the immediate need of battery.

This attitude often puts the purchaser in a fix. Let’s see how. No doubt after he purchases the battery he gets a quick replacement for his ailing battery, but as the time progresses he realizes that his battery has started taking more time to get charged, or is getting heated up fast with no apparent reason. He may also discover the poor performance of his battery, besides it being unnecessarily heavy to carry around.

But this entire situation is fast changing for the better. The hitherto untapped market is now being actively considered by bigger and better players.

The advantage associated with going for branded batteries are:

High on performance: The branded batteries promise to be high on performance, ie. they do not just claim but also perform. They also do not require frequent charging and do not get drained of their power easily.

Low on maintenance: Branded batteries are as good as the original ones that you get with your mobiles. They are practically maintenance free, ie. you do not have to worry about their maintenance.

Are long lasting: Batteries from reputed manufacturers last longer! After you purchase them you rest assured that they are going to serve you for pretty long, without letting you think of their replacement.

Are environment friendly: The other major advantage with branded batteries are that they are produced using environment friendly technology and under controlled settings, which makes them follow global manufacturing standards. This also makes the batteries safe for personal use.

A mobile phone battery should be chosen with care and caution as not only it is a matter of their performance but also the safety of both you and the environment around you.

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