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Kiné tapes effectiveness in treating injuries

by gomezsandra1

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Kiné tapes were introduced close to 30 years ago by a Japanese practitioner although they came into the limelight in the recently concluded athletics championships. These tapes are however being used widely especially in therapy sessions by patients who have muscle pains and joint misalignment. Physiotherapists and other practitioners prefer the use of these tapes because they have been proved to have positive results and also no side effects. Their application is also simple and easy thus in case of an injury it is advised to use these tapes. Patients seeking physiotherapy services first have their injuries assessed before a proper technique of applying the tape is used.

Features of Kiné tapes

There are some features that distinguish these tapes from the other ordinary tapes. This features are what makes the performance of these tapes be outstanding.

  1. These tapes are made of 100% cotton material that is gentle to the injury and also provides aeration. This material ensures the injury is comfortable and there is no accumulation of moisture. The cotton fibre strip also allows the skin layer on top of the muscle to function normally.
  2. They have 100% medical grade acrylic adhesive that is non-irritating to the skin and is also pressure sensitive. This material ensures the tape is of high conformity with the properties of the skin so that the injury can easily be treated without any complications. There is also a layer of glue that ensure the tape is aligned properly to the injury.
  3. Does not contain any latex content.
  4. It has elastic properties that enable the tape to be flexible. This property is important because it is what allows the muscles to move freely without restrictions. When joints are taped, it does not hinder their movement because the tape can easily stretch and still perform its functions of treatment.
  5. Kinétapes have long durability period of 3-5 days to treat the injury properly and eliminate all pain. This also reduced the need of having to change tapes all the time and is also cost effective because a roll of the tape can be used for a long time.

These are the best types of tapes to use when treating acute or chronic types of injuries. They come in a variety of colours and it’s upon a patient to choose the colour of the tape he/she wants. Check Out Kinétapes should be applied earlier before the activity so that it may adhere properly to the injury. Professionals are the ones to apply these tapes so as not to apply it wrongly. Proper applications usually results to optimum results. The tapes can also be used in watery conditions because they are water-resistant. When the day of removing the tape has reached, always remove it in the direction of the hair growth gently.


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