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Popcorn for popcorn machines

by ePopcorn

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Choosing the best popcorn cart or popcorn machine: What you should know?

When looking for a popcorn cart or a popcorn machine, what features are needed? A popcorn machine may come with extra features, such as a lit display. But, what do you need in your popcorn machines to make your hot popcorn business or concession stand successful? 

Your popcorn cart equipment or popcorn box machines need a few key features in order to assist you with selling your product and ensuring you’re successful. What should every popcorn cart have? For starters, durable wheels are necessary for any popcorn cart. While wider wheels may make it easier to push a popcorn cart around town, any set of wheels are necessary. Otherwise, you may be stuck at a single location that may not bring you enough visibility from passing customers. It may make it difficult for you to move your popcorn cart from one location to the next without wheels. 

Temperature-control is an issue for popcorn machines 

Vendors may have different needs for their popcorn machines. For instance, does your popcorn machine have precise temperature on the floor of the machine? This will allow cooked popcorn to stay hot and fresh without getting too hot from the higher temperature used to cook the kernels. This also ensures the popcorn for your popcorn machine will not dry out or become tough to eat. 

Is your machine chip-resistant and ESL certified? These are two things you want to consider when buying equipment. You want a heavy popcorn maker that can withstand normal wear and tear. Stainless steel machines are a good choice because they are strong and may withstand extra wear and tear. Did you know not every popcorn machine is made the same way? Some popcorn makers have trays underneath to hold un-popped popcorn for popcorn machines. Others don’t. Some allow longer stay warm times for popcorn for popcorn machines that are popped, buttered, and ready-to-eat.  

Special popcorn needed for popcorn carts and machines 

It doesn’t matter whether you use a small yellow-kernelled popcorn for popcorn machines or red-kernelled popcorn; the popcorn should have great moisture content of between 11 and 14 percent. This allows the popcorn for popcorn machine not to be too dry and have just enough moisture to pop well. Too much moisture and you wind up with more un-popped kernels in your bowl of popcorn.

This is why you need to consider carefully which machines and carts to buy before you pull out your wallet. By deciding which features you need most, you may be saving some money on the cost and it helps to have great-tasting, high-quality popcorn for popcorn machines that customers cannot get enough of!

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