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Reiki Development Awareness Sydney, Australia

by anonymous

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The word “Reiki” in Japanese translates roughly as “universal life force energy.” Reiki is a specific form of energetic healing that is becoming increasingly well known for the array of outcomes it can facilitate. Reiki is performed by a practitioner channelling and directing Universal energy through their hands, which may be placed lightly on the body or held slightly above it, in different positions. It supports the body’s inherent wisdom, vitality and healing capability.

One of the aims of Reiki is to break down old and habitual patterns of being and perceiving to clear obscuration. Reiki energy flows to the area most in need of treatment, healing the imbalance. Clients may experience a range of sensations during a treatment along with a deep sense of relaxation. Reiki is great for managing stress and experiencing tranquillity.

Development of a reiki practice allows access to higher sources of help that you may call on at any time. Your own Reiki spirit guides, higher self, angels and beings of light can assist you, both in your own self-healing, and in the development of a reiki practice.

An important aspect of Reiki development is intention. Reiki attunements are an integral aspect of aligning your own energy to that of reiki energy as you develop through the various reiki levels (Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master). Reiki teaches you to work from a space of compassion and unconditional love for all beings.

One way to facilitate development of your reiki practice is via prayer and affirmations. Asking your reiki guides regularly to guide you and assist you in offering compassionate service to others is a great way to further increase and intensify your reiki energy and tap into the spiritual guidance surrounding you.

Once attuned to the reiki life-force energy, continuing to nurture and develop your reiki energy via open heartedness and a desire to serve the community will increase your personal and spiritual development in the evolution of health, healing and consciousness on the planet.

Reiki is safe and wonderful during pregnancy. If you are not the baby’s parents do not consciously direct energy to the baby as this may induce restlessness, but you need to be aware that you are working with two beings. I prefer to avoid the sacral area, unless the woman specifically asks for my hands to go there. The baby is perfect in its’ cosy ocean and is still in close contact with the world of spirit and doesn’t require extra help. If you are ‘being with’ a pregnant woman in a space of unconditional love then no harm will be done, but it is not OK to manipulate her energy or the baby’s. If you are one of the parents that’s fine – you work as one unit – go for it with the hands on, in love! It is generally fine for a pregnant woman to receive a Reiki attunement unless she is ill or a miscarriage risk.

After a Reiki session it is important that you drink plenty of water and allow some quiet time for integration of the session. Some people have a mild detoxification after a Reiki healing, such as running nose, bowel changes, perspiration or perhaps some pimples. You may also experience mood changes, have vivid dreams, feel tired or have other bodily sensations. It is common for people who have been very busy and stressed to feel very tired after a reiki session. Your body will begin to relax deeply and may need to catch up on rest and sleep. It is common during and after a Reiki session that people have insights either about understanding what is happening for them or how to work with the issue.