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Make Your Home Safer with an Area Rug Pad

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You bought a new house, everything is new and every corner is being organized and designed the way you want it to be. You always wanted hardwood floors, and this home just happens to have them. Children come in to play, all of your belongings are set up to your tastes and the house is now truly a home. The last thing you want to do is put in carpeting, but here and there you probably want area rugs with area rug pads.

The main reason why area rug pads are used is to keep an area rug in place. This means that your area rugs are always where you want them to be and that they don’t go slipping and sliding away on your nice hardwood floors. When the kids come running in, you don’t want them to take a corner sharply and end up on their back because the rug literally slipped out from under them. Area rug pads offer plenty of other benefits, too, but the main one is keeping area rugs where you want them.

An area rug, as the name suggests, is a rug that covers a particular area, be it the dining room, the kitchen or the living room. Many different colors and patterns can be found when selecting your own, however you should match the area rug with the furniture in the rest of the room’s decor.

Once you've decided on color, pattern and placement, you need to make sure you purchase the right size. When you're contemplating size, remember that the rug should be large enough to slide under the front legs of sofas and chairs in a sitting arrangement, unifying the furniture. It is standard to leave 18 inches of bare floor between the carpet and the walls. If you use an area rug in hallways, they should cover the majority of walking areas in a hallway or entry.

Once you've settled the question of size, there is also the question of the pad. Area rug pads are of the most importance to your home and flooring. What this does is protect your floors from damage and you from falling. An area rug pad will grip both the rug and the floor as well as eliminate wrinkles which can be a tripping hazard.

Area rug pads reduce the sound of people walking on the run and they offer a comforting feel for your feet. An area rug pad allows you to vacuum more thoroughly, as the area rug will stay in place as you move the vacuum across it. Plus, area rug pads raise the rug just slightly off the floors so that air can flow more easily. Prolong you new carpet's life by preserving it with an area rug pad and you can be certain that you get just what you want and need out of your rugs.

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