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Why is PHP web development getting valuable?

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PHP is indeed the most frequently visited technology in the web for web apps development. It rules the other scripting languages for website development, a leader in the web world. As technology is seeping to every area of our lives the need for recognition for every business is getting important, people are aware that internet can reach out to the large audience from all around the world.

PHP has emerged as one of the most useful and yet completely free web programming platforms, along with Linux and MySQL. It is actually host side scripting dialects with regards to producing websites. Various PHP web programming solutions include CRM solutions, eCommerce solutions, shopping carts with content management system, chat software as well as conversation forum. Nowadays Php along with MySQL database will be accustomed to develop some of the most potent online sources and it is powering some of the great web applications.

PHP has had many stable releases since its arrival, and getting better with every release. PHP has many great features,d functions and frameworks that helps every developer create powerful dynamic websites according to any business demand. PHP developed websites and web applications have much simpler code to write or understand. Its a versatile and well-established language with more new versions that are under wraps. It can be customized according to online web development needs and is a flexible enough so that one can develop greater websites that is compatible with any browser.

Certain benefits of PHP Web Development can be enlisted as follows.

  • It supports major databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, etc.

  • It supports major platforms like Unix, Windows, Linux and more.

  • IIS, Apache servers can work with PHP which proves to be the versatile scripting language.

  • It meet one's custom requirement of solutions like e-shopping carts like CMS, CRM, web calendars, etc.

  • The easy functions, methods and the syntax of this language help PHP Web Developers deploy the solution in less time.

  • It can be customized with new technology seamlessly in future if required.

  • It decreases the loading time as its source code need not be compiled every time it loads.

A PHP framework has the best practice oriented approach which help one build complex rich internet applications quickly, saving a lot of time reusing code snippets that are already available. There are so many useful PHP frameworks available on the web. Depending on requirements and need, one can select from a wide range of web development frameworks offered in the web market. Most interesting part is they are freely available and got a huge community driven forum where stuck developers can get their solutions quickly and build their website up and running in no time.

Top PHP(Rapid Application Development) frameworks are:

  • CakePHP is an opensource rapid development PHP framework that provides an MVC architecture for developing, maintaining and deploying customized applications. It comes in with great tools for form tampering protection, XSS prevention and SQL injection prevention which helps in building secure websites. The MVC conventions guide in properly to build in richer web applications and blogs. Developers and users find it more interesting because of flexible code generation, free licensing, user-friendly community, compatible with all the latest versions of PHP, cookie, security, data sanitization, email, session and request handling components,works from any website directory, with little to no Apache configuration involved etc.

  • Laravel has a well fabricated toolbox which allows to write less code, with less risk of error. And using this framework developers can build websites with greater value and productivity, such as managing guiding principles, side effects, etc. A structured approach is followed using this framework, using best practices and standards where complex websites can be efficiently deployed. It is well said that Laravel is for web artisans and creative craftsman where wonderful applications can be built with less code and expressive syntax which gets easier for programmers who build complex apps with cleaner and understandable code.

  • Symfony is a full-stack framework comprising a library of cohesive classes written in PHP5. It provides a classy architecture, components and tools for programmers to build rich complex web applications quicker. Choosing symfony allows to release applications quicker, host and scale them without any problem and can be maintained over time. It was originally conceived by the interactive agency Sensio Labs for the development of customized websites for its esteemed clients from various sectors. Symfony was published by the agency in 2005 under MIT Open Source license and today it is among the leading frameworks available for PHP web development.

  • Zend Framework is based on simplicity, object-oriented best practices, user-friendly corporate licensing and agile codebase which is regularly tested. This framework is focused on making simple, reliable secure and new web 2.0 applications & web services and consuming widely available APIs from leading vendors such as Flickr, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, as well as API providers.

The above popular PHP frameworks are unique in nature and can very well suit to any business need. They play a vital role in making websites richer and attractive adding value compared to other counter websites.

Everyone wants a website that looks appealing, attractive, customized and very much interactive with users and all this is possible with PHP allows one to customize their websites keeping everything simple and yet classy. PHP possesses all the main points of a successful programming language. PHP Website Development has maintained vast developer group of people around the world and lots of PHP professionals regularly enhance this. The web application developed in PHP costs less and affordable for website owners who can save a lot of money though it is having a multi-featured web application.

It has literally revolutionized the web development industry with a dynamic brand fresh structure.

There are many choices available to create robust and classic Website Development yet PHP will be action ahead of all and offer many useful features and functionalites. PHP based website is an ideal platform to flash and graphics for giving striking and attractive looks to the site. The versatility of PHP as a web design language is pretty much unmatched by any other scripting language,and since it was initially created it has been consistently used to produce the same excellent results. Using these frameworks, PHP developers would shorten the development timeframe for PHP web development projects.

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