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How to come across the correct jewelry designers!

by simongjewelry

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When buying a jewelry piece it is very essential to select apt jewelry designers. After all they are the ones who give life to the different jewelry items.

The backbone of any jewelry item is its jewelry designer, without their creativity, skill and expertise no one can come across such beautiful pieces of jewelry items. But while selecting a designer have you ever considered what to look for in a designer? In my so many years of my experience as a jewelry lover I have realized that it is very essential to be clear about certain aspects while purchasing jewelry items so that when you buy the product you can be rest assured of the quality and the craftsmanship involved. Now let’s go back to the topic at hand – how to select the correct jewelry designers?

For this you need to ask the following 12 questions to yourself so as to have a clear idea and be sure of your designer:

·         Does your jewelry designer understand your taste? Is he able to make out what kind of designs and styles you are looking for?

·         For how many years is the designer in the business of jewelry making? – This will help you gauze their level of experience and expertise.

·         Is the designer only involved in designing jewelry? What about repairing services? – This is vital; after all you will not go to some other designer to repair the item.

·         In case of repairing, are they open to this idea? Or do they try to sell you any other piece?

·         Are you sure about them being genuine? I mean you can trust them with your valuables right?

·         Are they aware of the different settings and the latest techniques and trends?

·         Does the staff seem knowledgeable?

·         Suppose you go to buy a particular piece and it is not there, do they ask you to come on a later date? Or do they try to sell the items on display saying they cannot guarantee when the product will come? – Good jewelry designers will go that extra mile to bring that particular piece of jewelry item.

·         Are they open to customization? Can they create a piece of jewelry from a sketch that you have given them? – This determines he craftsmanship ability of a designer.

·         Is the designer nice to talk to? Are you comfortable sharing what you are looking for?

·         Are they hospitable? I mean it often happens that a particular piece is with some other designer, so will he recommend them or is he the type with “No Idea”?

·         Suppose you have an heirloom piece but it is in a sorry condition – what does the designer do? Does he express it to repair it or does he ask you to melt it or exchange it with some piece?

– Remember a true jeweler will always value a traditional piece, they know its value and the sentiment attached.


Once you get a satisfactory answer to all the questions, you know that you have found your dream jewelry designer.Log in to: to know more about jewelry designers.



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