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Information on Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Autism is a rare medical condition which can affect human beings straight away from the time of their birth. In medical terms, Autism can be referred to as the disorder of the nervous system. People affected with this medical condition are often seen to be less interactive and may also lack verbal as well as non verbal communication skills. Also, another stereotyped behaviour seen in Autistic people is the repetitive stacking of things or various other restricted behaviours as well as activities. While Autism can vary from person to person, variations can also be seen in the way an individual behaves while going through this medical condition. Earlier, Autism was considered to be a very rare medical condition but due to changing life styles and habits, one in every 100 babies born in India today is affected by Autism even before it comes into this world.

In some cases, the signs and symptoms of being Autistic start to appear when the baby is just around 3 years old. However, the true reason behind this nervous mutation is yet to be known. Out of the three known disorders belonging to the Autism spectrum, this is the most common one. The other two disorders are Asperger Syndrome as well as the Pervasive Developmental Disorder. While the former leads to the delay in learning languages and cognitive development, the latter leads the way to the Asperger Syndrome. All these diseases combined give rise to the Autism Spectrum Disorder. While the symptoms can vary largely from person to person, yet the most common to be found in people are communicational disorders, language learning disabilities, social deficits, repetitive interests as well as behaviour and in some cases, cognitive delay may also be witnessed. Overall, there is a significant overlap between all the three disorders belonging to this spectrum.

People with autism often suffer from acceptance issues in the society. Since they do not look otherwise disabled, people may find their behaviour discontent and unsocial. Parents of children with autism often complain about their child being naughty or adamant without understanding the actual reason. However, timely diagnosis of the condition can help with the treatment. Information on Autismshould be gathered by the concerned people and treatment options like mental exercises, behavioural and communication therapy, counselling and assisted learning etc should be provided to them. An autistic child receives special learning and social behavioural education to develop better social skills. Autism cannot be cured completely but early diagnosis can help the child explore his full potential. Since the requirements of every child will be different individual treatment plans need to be developed. It can also take some parents years to realize that their children suffer from Autism. Awareness is the key to educate people about the condition and to help them develop sensitive bearing towards autistic person. One important thing to be kept in mind is that these people should not be mistreated or ignored by the society. Love and affection plays a major role in bringing them back to their normal life.  

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