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UAE Web Hosting

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Why Everyone Prefers Windows Web Hosting?


There are several reasons why people prefer Windows web hosting over other types of web hosting, some of the reasons include greater security, excellent management of traffic and support for all types of applications. Let us go through these points in more detail in the following sections which would help you understand the positives of selecting Windows server hosting.


Advantages of Windows Hosting


There are many benefits of selecting Windows server web hosting such as:


  1. A lot more security in comparison to other kind of hosting such as shared hosting.
  2. Easily manage greater traffic needs.
  3. Avail the flexibility of executing custom applications.
  4. Run applications which perform better in Windows environment such as Microsoft Exchange and Cold Fusion.
  5. Utilize various tools such as Microsoft Expression which work on Windows server hosting.
  6. Make use of Windows hosting like a collaboration server.


Comparison of Dubai Windows Hosting with Other Hosting Types


There are many points on which Windows hosting is superior to other hosting types and we will look at them in the following section.


  1. Dot Net Framework: If you need Visual Basic and Dot Net then you will have to select Windows web hosting since these two are available on Windows platform only. In case the website requires Visual Interdev or applications which run on Windows then also you will have to select Windows hosting.
  2. Support for Scripts: Those websites which need a database for proper functioning of the site and also those sites which require ASP language support need to use Windows hosting for better performance. In addition to it, you get better compatibility for Front Page extensions with this type of hosting.
  3. Compatibility with Database: In case your website needs to use database systems such as MSDE or MS-Sql then you will need Windows server hosting as these database systems work on Windows hosting. Similarly, if the MS-Access database is being used then Windows hosting is a must since this type of database works in this OS environment only.
  4. Accessing SharePoint: If the website has to make use of SharePoint services then Windows website hosting will be necessary.
  5. Scalability of System Architecture: Windows servers have total scalability in different environments such as PHP and MySQL. Additionally, this type of hosting allows you to use all the latest technologies for your website like ASP.Net and VB.Net.
  6. Management Tools: One of the main reasons for popularity of Windows server hosting is that it is possible to automate various tasks by using script and policy based tools. It is possible for the admin to configure different group policies in the management control by using simple graphical interface.
  7. Web Traffic Management: In case you select dedicated Windows hosting then it ensures that downtime for the web site is as less as possible. There is only one site on the server which means lesser load on the hosting server and all traffic needs of your site are met as required. In addition to it, the site is more secured as it does not share web space with any other website.

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