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Feminized Cannabis Seeds – A Brief Overview

by reetaparodi

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When we talk about Cannabis seeds, we need to know that there is a major difference – the male and the female Cannabis seeds. A well grown and healthy Cannabis crop can be grown in the best way by Cannabis seeds. Many people are still not aware of this major difference and the obvious utility of the feminized seed crop. Cannabis Seeds UK gets a special fame ratio and is one of the preferred ones. They have a rare and a very amazing hidden potential when it comes to growth.

Let us get on with the salient specials regarding the Cannabis seeds.

  • Selecting a feminized cannabis seed

Selecting a feminized Cannabis seed is of prime concern. After all, only a quality seed will produce a quality breed and the offspring is of superior quality. Cannabis seeds therefore form very important factors when their seeds have to be selected. The female seed has to be fertilized by male plant. The male Cannabis plant is a very common spectacle but it is the feminized seeds that are just so not commonly available. The true potentiality of Cannabis plants are in the female seeds.

Hence, it becomes very important that you make your own hybrids and do cross breeding and matching. If you have female Cannabis seed on hand, you can make as many possible flowering cross breeds as possible and you might be actually be rewarded with a healthy offspring.

  • The Female Cannabis seed price

Since the Cannabis seeds and the feminized ones are very rare and they get a range to start and go to, their market price remains hanging between middle to higher charges which is quite because of the low profile availability and rarity in market appearance.

So, if you are planning to buy a feminized Cannabis seed, you might need to know the following facts about them:

  • The cost of the seeds range from $100 to $400

  • They might not be in the inventory or stock for many weeks at length

  • Suppliers don’t keep the stock of specific types much due to their rarity.


  • Creating a self idea Hybrid

Creating a hybrid would be a good idea because you get all the rare crosses between two variation and types of plants. This is basically a fine idea too because if you are going to hybrid two altogether feminized seed, it definitely requires a quality feminized and a male seed that means the end product is a variant but you can get the best genotype qualities in your new hybrid plant.

The best thing about having Cannabis seeds is that you get a healthy and a safe crop in the right conditions and you are doing one satisfactory task at hand!

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