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Tips and Tricks for Evernote Users

by anonymous

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Everyone is familiar with the most popular productivity app called Evernote. However, even those who have been using it for a while need to find new ways to utilize this app in a better way.  Here are a few tips that will help you get maximum out of this app.


  • Evernote gives you the option of Trunk collection that enables in integrating it with other apps within Evernote.
  • Using Skitch you can visually annotate your notes for easily categorizing them. A simple text or image can be turned into a PDF. You can then use different colors for differentiating the files.
  • Web Clipper is a browser extension for saving text, links and pictures. These are organized in different folders that are easy to access through mobile devices as well as desktop.
  • Penultimate comes handy for scribbling especially for iPad users. It helps you scribble and take notes via stylus. This app will make it easy to search your notes and synchronize them on your mobile device and desktop.

Highlighting Text

Evernote gives you the option of highlighting text. You are allowed to select specific text in your notes. This helps in highlighting important points and information within your text.


Reminders in Evernote help you with creating to-do lists and setting deadlines. This helps in organizing your daily tasks. Setting e-mail reminders and text reminders is now relatively easier. Now you can easily set up notifications and reminders for Smartphone.

For all those who are using Mac they can set an icon for alarm clock within your app. The app will appear on the upper right corner of the app window. If you are using an iDevice then the alarm icon will be located on the lower right hand corner.

Creating Audio Notes and Links

If you are interested in creating multimedia notes then this app offers you the option.  Click on Audio button and get started. Additionally you are allowed to create hyperlinks within notes for connecting more than one note together. This comes handy for accessing notes from a single landing page. This helps in creating to-do list and accessing the same easily.

It is easy to create note link that are easy to access from any given device. These notes can only be viewed by specific users who are in the shared list.

Right click the icon of the note and select the option of Copy Note Link.

Encrypting Text

Often you like sharing a notebook and other sensitive information. However, for that extra security measure you would want to encrypt a specific part of the text.

For Mac users

Hold down the Command + Shift + X

For Windows users

Hold down Control + Shift + X

After using these commands a prompt command will appear asking you to create passphrase. This is similar to creating a password. Remember that a passphrase will be case-sensitive.


Using Twitter for Saving Notes

Evernote account can also be linked with your existing Twitter account. You can tweet your account, @myDM or something similar link to your article. This will create a new note with this link that can be accessed later on. This will help you create references for your presentation or essay.


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