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Cincinnati Siding Repair : More Complex Than You Think

by leeannedyson

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Cincinnati siding repair doesn't require a building permit because it doesn't change the structure of the house in general. However, if you live outside Cincinnati and plan to get new siding, check with the local government first. There are some areas where you may need a building permit, especially if you have an old house.

A man in Kansas learned this the hard way when he tried to replace his rotting siding. As if not qualifying for insurance wasn't enough, the city government of Hutchinson ordered the cessation of work due to discrepancies; apparently, his house sat on the city's historic district, which meant that siding repair required a historic review approval from the government. The city argued that the project changes the character of the house.

While replacement is an option for old, historic buildings, replacement should be a last resort as per preservation standards. Restoration efforts must be done to help preserve the historic image of a home or building. This rule isn't exclusive to Hutchinson; it comes straight from the historic preservation guidelines set by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior.

Cincinnati, with its wide array of historic homes within and outside the metropolitan area, isn't any different from Hutchinson. According to the Cincinnati Preservation Association, historic homeowners who plan on making major repair or improvement work must secure an approval from the Historic Preservation Commission. Homes listed on the Ohio Historic Inventory is regarded as a historic home.

For Cincinnati residents, those living in old homes in Lytle Park may need government approval first before making any structural changes. Restoration work, in general, must be done in accordance with the historic preservation guidelines to help maintain the building's historic image. It may sound like a hassle, but keep in mind that historic homes today are remnants of a certain place's history. How will people appreciate local history if the image of the home is suddenly changed?

You can refer to several links for more information on home project approvals. Visit the Hamilton County website at for questions and answers on building permits or the Cincinnati Preservation Association website at for matters involving historic homes. For more info on siding repair, seek advice from Cincinnati carpenters.

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