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Travel to India - Some Handy Tips

by anonymous

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India is the most contrasting yet the most stunning destinations in the world. One can find every section and stage of life epitomized in this country from its Raj Mahals in Rajasthan to its breathtaking landscape in the Himalayas, the country just offers so much to tourist that one trip to this land of the thousand languages will never ever be enough to even taste the cream of it all. India puzzles you, amuses you, fascinates you, and pleasantly (at times shockingly too) surprises you.

If you are among those traveling to India, the first handy tip anyone can give you is to keep with zero expectations and an open mind, as in India you will be faced with something unique and new every hundred kilometers of your travel. Every destination you travel within India will give you a chance to explore its own culture, values and traditions apart from its heritage which is closely preserved through centuries. India is a destination that can enthrall travelers of all budget sizes, staying and eating here will never be a problem provided you find the right place, go for a travel operator for your bookings is a very safe option as it will protect you from getting cheated.   

Traveling to India during the summers can be a bothersome so do keep a water bottle handy at all times with you and make sure you always by bottled water on your trips as drinking tap water can land you sick and don’t forget to carry a sun block.

Always keep your passport, visa and other documentation safe and secure with you as loss of these documents might create problems for you in your travels. Transportation is not a problem, one can choose from varied options such as taxi cabs, the state bus transport (both AC & Non-AC), Railways, or By Air.

Travelling to India one gets exposed to lots of different varieties of cuisines and spices, so avoid street food if you don’t possess a strong tummy or else you might upset your stomach.

Since in India religion is very important and as people are sentimental regarding their religion its best advised that you respect the customs and traditions of every religion and try to acquaint yourself with some if possible.

Keep the clothing rather conservative especially if you are travelling to the hinterland and the rural areas, the clothing can be moderate in the city depending on your comfort. Keep a first-aid handy with you at all time especially on trips to the rural areas as getting medication can be a real hassle.

The most important tip, make sure you hire a good travel agent from a reputed travel agency, do a thorough check on his background and ask for his license and permits given to him by the government. The above tips should help you in having a great experience of traveling in India.

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